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I am an extremely gentle mellow sweet soul who loves everyone I meet and absolutely loves to take long naps. I enjoy car rides and walkies and walk well on a leash. My absolutest favorite thing in the whole wide world, apart from naps, is treats because they’re yummy for my tummy!

I’m housebroken and can be left alone at home because I’ll just crawl into my comfie bed, grab a blankie, my silk sleep eye mask and catch a quick snooze or two until you get back home. I currently live with two hotdogs and get along great with these funny looking doggos but I do prefer to dine alone.

Unlike most boxers, I don’t need a ton of exercise so I’m looking for a home that appreciates my chill vibe. I’m super handsome and need my beauty sleep so I have a very strict bedtime of 8 p.m., unless of course I smell yummies in the kitchen! I’m excited to find my new family to take naps with so if you need a hunk of burning love in your life, call me, but not after 8. Snooze you later!