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A few of our VERY lucky boxers have had their ADOPTION FEES sponsored, this includes Nirvana!

Nirvana is a big, powerful girl but also a love around the house.

She is very smart and already knows several commands, such as Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Easy ( when grabbing her bone or ball), Out (as in get out), Paw ( to shake hands) and Drop ( for treats). She waits for the command to exit the door to the backyard and does not ‘door dash’. She gets excited when heading out the front door but is getting used to sitting before she’s given the command “OK” before breaking the threshold. She is obedient when told to get out of the kitchen when food is prepared or being eaten. She is VERY smart and learns fast.

She loves people. Walks well on leash when not aroused by another dog. She is very inquisitive when on walks and we are working on her leash manners and reactivity.