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A few of our VERY lucky boxers have had their ADOPTION FEES sponsored, this includes Nirvana!

Ready for a smart, big, strong, curvaceous, and beautiful love bug in your life? That’s me, Nirvana.

I’m an excellent pupil and know all my commands, like “sit”, stay”, “down”, and “come”. If that’s not impressive enough, I also know “easy” when I’m grabbing my bone or a ball, “out” if I need to exit stage left when I’m in the kitchen, “drop” and I also know how to shake hands when I hear “paw”. I learn super fast so I must be a genius!

Unlike puppies, I am well mannered, and polite and I wait for the command to exit the door to the backyard instead of door dashing like a lunatic! I do enjoy heading out for adventures and even though I get super excited, I sit down all zen like, until I’m given the “ok” command. I’m an absolute lady who would love to show you my manners. Buckingham Palace would be proud.

I love people and I do walk nicely even though I’m inquisitive and want to take in all the wonderful smells, sounds and sights on our walks, see what the neighbors are doing and people watching in general because I do like to be nosey. I do need a little assistance with my leash manners because sometimes I get carried away when I see another dog because I get super excited; my foster parents are helping me with my leash manners, and I would love to have my own family who can help me reach my leash goals and teach me new things. Namaste friends and don’t forget to put in an application for me. Ooooooh gotta run, I think the neighbor just found out that her husband wasn’t working late last night. To be continued.