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Norman’s Adoption Fees have been sponsored by an anonymous donor!

I’m the goodest boy EVER! My foster fam says I’m built like a Mack truck because I’m beefy and strong, so I guess that means I’m a beefcake who loves to hit the weights! I love meeting new hoomans because they give me lots of pets and unlike other gym beefcakes, I’m calm and sweet, love to love and am not very vocal. I’m more of the strong, silent, dark and handsome type of guy.

I’m housebroken (which apparently doesn’t mean that I break into houses), I’m crate trained (which apparently doesn’t mean that I do chest presses with crates), looove car rides and I know how to “sit” and “shake”. I had this weird experience when I first got here called a bath. It was strange, and I didn’t really mind it but I’m just grateful I didn’t drown. I’ve also gotten my first pawdicure, which I know isn’t very manly but in my defense, my foster parents used a Dremel to file my nails and not a girly nail file. I paid a lot to get my nails did and I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t even include a hand massage or nail polish, so I have to give that service 2.5 stars on yelp. Luckily I’m super treat motivated so I’d put up with just about anything for a snack but on a personal note, I do like blue; I think blue nails add a bit of pizazz and go well with my skin tone.

Hitting the weights hard means that I’m strong and I’m working on my leash etiquette because I pull sometimes, but in the house, I’m an absolute pussy cat and a star. I’m smart and love routines and picked up everything pretty quickly; I’m such a good boy that I don’t complain when I’m crated or in an x-pen because I know I’ll get lots of cuddles, pets and snacks from my hooman when they get back.

I do love to work on my manly jawline by chewing on bones, antlers and hooves and I am more than content to workout and entertain myself with them. I do love me some naps, because everyone knows that rest is important after a workout and helps muscles recover faster. I currently live with my 2 male foster bros, and I love to wrestle, play, and work out with my younger bro. My older bro and I kinda ignore each other because we don’t have much in common; I like to lift weights and he doesn’t soooo….I also like to eat separately from my other fur siblings because I do like to guard/protect my food; I mean, I gotta make sure I get my protein intake, especially after I hit the weights hard.

Are you looking for a big ol’ lap dog to cuddle with? That’s me! OK, off to make a protein shake and watch The World’s Strongest Man competition while I wait to meet you.