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Norman is a very good boy! He’s housebroken, crate trained, loves car rides, and he knows sit and shake. Norman was a good sport when I gave him a bath upon arrival. I’ve also introduced him to the Dremel for nail trimming and, while he’s not thrilled with the experience, he muddles through with minimal resistance. He’s very food motivated and will do just about anything for a treat. Good boy, Norman!

Norman is built like a Mack truck – very beefy and strong. He definitely needs leash training (he’s a puller) with someone who can handle his strength, but around the house he’s extremely well behaved. Norman picked up on our routines quickly and doesn’t complain at all when he’s crated or kept in the x-pen. He loves to chew on bones/antlers/hooves and entertains himself contentedly with them when not napping or getting pets from his human. I have 2 male boxers that he gets along with: he and my energetic 2-year old wrestle and play in spurts throughout the day; he and my older fellow pretty much ignore each other. Norman is a bit of a resource guarder when it comes to food, so he needs to be fed separately from any other pets (and for this reason he can’t go to a home with young children).

Norman loves meeting new people because he knows they’re going to pet him! His overall demeanor is calm and sweet (he’s not even much of a barker) and he has tons of love to give. Norman wants nothing more than to be someone’s big ol’ lap dog. Do you need a cuddle buddy?