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I’m Polo and I’m a gentle giant. I’m super food motivated so training is a breeze, bring on the treats! I’m super chill and a good boy who can be trusted not to mess up stuff in the house. Even though I’m a big and strong boy, I’m man enough to admit that I love snuggles and cuddles especially on the couch or the bed with my people. I also really enjoy having a back yard to do my zoomies in and would love to have fur or non-fur people to play with. Even though I think I’m already a bronzed god, I do like to work on my tan and get rid of my tan lines by sunbathing outside.

I’m super friendly and love to follow my people around like any good boxer. I am crate trained and will sleep in my crate at night, but I prefer to be in your bed because it’s waaayyy better to catch some good zzzzzs. I can be the big spoon or the little spoon, but I may hog the blankie, or accidentally kick you in the head when I’m dreaming about chasing squirrels. I’m not much of a talker because I’m living the good foster life, but I will tell my people if I’m in need (or want) of something. If I want to go outside or think it’s a great time to go for a walk, I’ll sit right in front of you, stare at you with my big brown eyes and politely whine to tell you what I would like so I hope you speak dog.

I love car rides and am the best co-pilot to ever exist. I make sure that we have hand sanitizer, wipes, and snacks, and I’m pretty good at directions so you won’t get lost. I always call shotgun first so sometimes I do need to moved to the back seat to give others a chance to be a co-pilot but don’t blame me if you miss your turn or if the music sucks.

I walk well on the leash, after I do a number 1 and a number 2 (because you know how it is if you gotta go, you gotta go) and have been walking 2+ miles a day with ease. I don’t have a fur sibling right now but would like to have one since I enjoy seeing all the wonderful pups out and about when we go walkies. Looking for your co-pilot? I’m right here learning how to read a map just in case the GPS goes out. Do you need me to share my location?