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Boomer – March 2019

Boomer found his home with Mat and Lara G.! Boomer is doing great, he is full of funny faces and loves to play with his toys.  Most days he enjoying lots of play time with our Senior dog Penny plus kicking it in the sun on our deck. He just love running and jumping around […]

Brewster – fna Ingrid – April 2019

We brought Brewster home on 3/17 when she was 2 months old to be a foster for ncbr. She became a foster failure on 4/22 😆.   She has graduated from Sirius Puppy Training and furthered her studies with an additional leash manners class.  James and I have a pet care company to which we […]

Brodie – January 2019

Brodie found his home with Carol and Bob R.! This family of 4 is living like we have always been together! I am amazed at Brodie’s easy transition into our home and lifestyle. The only challenge so far is finding enough room on the couch for Bob and me!  Brodie enjoys our walks, is eating […]

Bruce – fna Bullet – March 2019

Bruce found his home with John and Allie E.! We’re continuing to settle in.  NCBR babies slept well last night (so did we).  We look forward to continuing to work w/ Millie & Bruce (I’m a big Springsteen fan).  Thank you Team for all you do so that families like ours are filled w/ many […]

Brutus – March 2019

Brutus found his home with Lauren D. and family! We love having Brutus as a part of our family.  He has a huge heart and a gentle soul and we love every day we spend with him.  He is best friends with our boxer Molly.  Despite her senior status, he still loves to play and […]

Charlie – January 2019

Charlie found his home with Michelle O.! Charlie is doing great!  He’s picked up the routine of the house very quickly, including meal times and play time with Dad every night before bed.  He loves looking out the front window of the house in the morning, and has claimed his spot on the couch already!  […]