Brutus – March 2019

Brutus found his home with Lauren D. and family!

We love having Brutus as a part of our family.  He has a huge heart and a gentle soul and we love every day we spend with him.  He is best friends with our boxer Molly.  Despite her senior status, he still loves to play and they run and chase through our yard and grapevines at least twice a day or wrestle indoors usually wherever you happen to be busy trying to get work done.  They sometimes sleep together on a dog bed, something Molly always was interested in doing with our prickly smaller terrier Harper, who never shared her interest.  Now she and Brutus are best buds.  He has no qualms about snuggling with dogs and he’s happy to lay next to her and she often rests her head on him.  He’s also been a great ambassador for Jade, our current foster.  He’d lay next to her crate and keep her company while she was on strict crate rest.  Brutus will snuggle with our toddler and preteen and has kisses for anyone that has the time.  He likes to take short walks in our neighborhood and he has a habit of checking out cars to see if any people are in them so that he can greet them properly.  He makes friends wherever he goes and we’re so glad that he found his forever home with us.