Brewster – fna Ingrid – April 2019

We brought Brewster home on 3/17 when she was 2 months old to be a foster for ncbr. She became a foster failure on 4/22 😆.   She has graduated from Sirius Puppy Training and furthered her studies with an additional leash manners class.  James and I have a pet care company to which we recently added dog training services. She’s helped us along this journey tremendously. When our schedules allow, she gets to go on walks with clients so she’s making new doggy friends all the time! She believes humans are on earth to adore her, and she’s right!   Before Brewster came to our home we had 3 senior dogs. We were kind of set in our routine. She’s certainly livened things up.    She’s currently 7 months old, and with our vet’s guidance we started a jogging routine just last week so we can be running partners.  She’s a joy! And we’re grateful NCBR brought her into our lives.  PS we did her DNA test and she’s a Shepherd, Boxer, Pit, German Shorthair Pointer, Lab mix 😆