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Figo – February 2019

Figo found his home with Maida C. and Orlando F.! Things are going great! We are so proud of both of them! They are walking together great and playing! We had to bring out another carpet we had saved in the garage so they can have better traction for play time! 😉 We are so […]

Gavin – October 2021

Yesterday we lost our amazing friend Gavin and our hearts are broken. It was only 4 weeks to the day after losing Blossom. Gavin came to live with us as a foster in May of 2012 and we knew immediately that he was home for good. NCBR had rescued him from the City Shelter in […]

Hayley – October 2020

We were contacted about Hayley in 2010 (by NCBR). She was found wandering in Hayward and was waiting in a shelter. She needed immediate placement as it was a kill shelter. She was such a sweetheart and loved everyone. She was such a goofy girl. My daughter-in-law gave her the birthday of October 31st because […]

Icy – March 2021

Sierra fka Icy has come a long way from when we first fostered her to adopt her. She has developed better people skills and is able to be at home without her crate. She still does not have a good relationship with other dogs but has learned to sit, stay and wait for her food. […]

Indie – fna Blake – January 2019

Indie (fna Blake) found her forever home with Mike B. We changed her name from Blake to Indie at the request of one of our granddaughters and she responded to it pretty quickly. She loves to go with us and follows us to the door to make sure she’s the first in her seat. She’s […]

Izzy – fna Isadora – March 2019

Izzy (fna Isadora) found her forever home with Catherine S.   izzy is quite BUSY!!! She LOVES playing with other dogs, her tail wags whenever you even WALK BY her bed, she & Butchie are doing well together & life is GOOD!!!  & her foster mom, Kari & family came by about a month ago to […]

Jax – fna Jackson – February 2019

Jax found his home with Katie Y. and Steve S.! Jackson “Jax” is adjusting so well and his wiggle butt is slowly but surely becoming more active! He and our other boxer Lily are sharing beds and blankets. He reminds us of a little Pooh Bear, so we got him a beautiful red collar. Last […]