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Petey really is a wonderful, giant puppy! He is sweet, silly, snuggly, and ridiculously cute. He is just about everything that is good in a dog. Petey loves to entertain himself (and others) with his playful attitude and his puppy-like antics. He is a toy addict, and he kindly requests a “new toy allowance” so that he can replenish his stash regularly. He loves to start each day with a happy morning wiggle dance, and he will perform encores throughout the day. Petey is an affectionate fellow. He only gives occasional kisses, but loves to get close to you; nuzzle you; lean; poke at you with his front feet as boxers do; and when he is feeling silly (which is often!), roll around on his back and gently nibble on you. When he’s not being a silly boy, Petey enjoys relaxing by your side and napping (often on his back). He is accustomed to sleeping in bed with a person and snuggling all night. Petey would like somebody who can spend a lot of time with him, and, let’s face it, if Petey’s your pup the feeling will be mutual because he’s just so much fun and sweetness.

Petey doesn’t seem to have had much basic training. Truthfully, he can get away without it inside the home because he is an easy, good boy to live with! However, he is overly excited out in the world, on walks, in the car, and seeing new people and animals, so he would benefit from some guidance to help him behave calmly in those situations. He’s a larger-than-average boxer and is a lot to handle when he is overstimulated and excited, which is his default mode out of the home at this time. At this point, meeting people is extremely exciting, but meeting dogs is just too overwhelming for him to handle. Outside the home he’s comfortable only in very low-traffic environments.

Petey had a dramatic entrance into rescue, as he was pulled from the shelter while he was suffering from bloat (a medical emergency fatal within hours). He’s incredibly lucky to have survived, and he deserves to see his luck continue by finding a forever home as loving and fun as he is!

Thanks to NCBR’s Supporting Our Seniors (SOS) fund, Petey’s adopter will be eligible to receive reimbursement for up to $1,000 of veterinary services after adoption!

On May 7, 2022 NCBR lost one of our closest and beloved volunteers, Irene Genauer, Rebecca Genauer’s wonderful mother, in a terrible car accident. Many have inquired how to help. In memory of Irene, NCBR is asking friends and family to consider sponsoring Foster Petey. Petey is struggling with a myriad of health items as he was with Irene in the car, and sustained significant injuries requiring extensive diagnostics and treatment.

Thank you to the following supporters:

Carol Aubrey, Lori Baker, Sandy Benevento, Roxanne Booth, Elizabeth Botes, Boxer Rescue Canada, TomKat Boyd, Molly Bukro, Nathalia Calderon, Madeline Carretero, Heather Carrico, Melissa Cerini, Diondra Colquhoun, Cheryl Combes, Deborah Conte, Coleen Cooper, Vicky Corrales, Marianne Cox, Gina DellaRusso, Mark Demshock, Rick DesMarteau, Michelle Dohrmann, Lori Ehler, Shannon Enoch, Michelle Esparaza, Laura Everitt, Nena Filipovic, Shanna Gamache, Mildred Gatlin, Erin Gibson, Stacie Giese, Ximena Gonzalez, Nancy Gonzalez, Crystal Goula, Green Acres Boxer Rescue, Jane Harvey, Jennifer Hernandez, Natelie Hiser, Aimee Hofstra, Amy Hood, Kelli Humfeld, Carol Kaufman, Vicki Keith, Allison Kennedy, Betsy Keplinger, Mary Koch, Julie Kolman, Shanon Kujawa, Gayle Kummerfeldt, Brian Lew, Ellie Longanecker, Kimberly Maker, Charles Maker, Jackie McCloud, Robin McGillicuddy, Jane McPhee, Krista Melcher, Bobbi Meyer, Glenda Miller, Sara Moore, Bobbi Morphew, Christine Mungo, Jennifer Nathalia, Kate Newby, Jennifer O’Mahoney, Steve Olsen, Michelle Orrock, Regina Oryall, Drew Patrick, Bryan Payne, Wesley Pellerin, Amber Peterson, Linda Powell, Ashley Proxmire, Jessica Raulston, Lea Rauscher, Sherrie and Paul Reid, Sherry Rider, Jennifer Ridgeway, Lori Rollins, Carol Rowberg, Carrie Sage, Marta Semczuk, Lawrence Siracusa, Sabine Steegers Ghosh, Stephen Thompson, Sandy Torban, Crys Trevino, Arlene Tribble, Gayle Turner, Chelsey Tweeten, Sandra VanScyoc, Jamie Vorzimmer, Carol Wildasen, Tina Wildasen, Lena Wurm, Viktoria Yearby, Karen Yokley, Amanda Zvolanek


Though we were scheduled to pull Petey from the Monterey County shelter on April 1, on March 31 we received an urgent call from the shelter: their vet believed Petey was suddenly bloating and we were asked if we were still willing to pull him and able to do so immediately. Bloat is an emergency situation that is fatal within hours if not treated surgically, and without help, the shelter’s most humane option was to euthanize Petey. Pulling a dog in critical condition, when we know the cost will be tremendous and a good outcome far from guaranteed, requires a leap of faith. But we had faith in you, so we said, “Yes.”

Petey’s condition was such that shelter staff was not sure he would survive the trip to the emergency vet, which was NCBR’s only option. The shelter vet bought Petey time by puncturing his stomach to decompress the gas that was building up. Within an hour of first being contacted by the shelter, a flurry of communication had occurred, an NCBR volunteer darted to the shelter, delivered Petey to an emergency vet, and Petey was being prepped for surgery.

The low estimate for Petey’s emergency surgery was $7,000, and post-operative care and medication will increase that cost. But we are overjoyed to say that Petey made it through surgery and is now recovering in the hospital.

Thank you to the following supporters:

Kathy Abernathy, Earlene Alexiou, Kathryn Ashby, Sandi Bargioni, Jodi Bearden, Lisa Bechtel, Roxanne Booth, Dawn Bornman, Ken Brunt, Jaye Buhils, Molly Bukro, Melissa Calton, aida Cardenas, Debbie Cauble, Christina Cerruti, Sue Chap Bugajsky, Janice Claunch, Toni Coito Rosendahl, Rayne Coleman, Christine Colladay, Rachel Collier, Diondra Colquhoun, Jennifer Cooney, Vicky Corrales, Jacqueline Marie Coursey, Marianne Cox, Cliff Curry, Brian Davis, Barbara De Groodt, Pam Dias, Sally Dodge, Lauren Dunne, Jamie Easley, Russell Edwardson, Sarah Ellison, Kelly Escalante, Mel Evangelista, Ann Elizabeth Figueroa, Maureen Fitzgerald, Janis Fitzhugh, Linda Frazer, Matthew Friedman, Joan Fuhry, Robert Fullmer, Joshlynn Renee Glarson Everette, Kim Goeppinger, Liliana Gonzalez, Crystal Goula, Kathryn Griffin, Karen Hanlon-Sonne, Tiffany Harris, Laurie Haver, Bruce Hendler, Michelle Herman, Natelie Hiser, Aimee Hofstra, Amy Hood, Nathan Huggins, Amanda Ingram, Jill Jardine Dreher, Andrea Jordan, Aimee Kalivoda, Carol Anne Kman, Alison Kennedy, Joy Kerby, Hilary Killam, Ginette King, Haley Kline, Mary Koch, Debbie Krumwiede, Jerzy Kuhl, Gayle Kummerfeldt, Siria Lares, Brian Lew, Ellie Longanecker, Tina Lord, Laura Lott, Ellen Ludwig, Katie Lyon, Megan Lysell, Larisa Marks, Michelle Martinelli, Jody Mattison, Kim McCalla, Deborah McDilda, Robin McGillicuddy, Brian Medina, Jeni Mellott, Susan Michelle South, Monika Miles, Melinda Miller Sciandri, Charlene Moore, Belinda Nabarrete, Holly Nickles, Matthew Norelli, Amber Norton Kirk, Steve Olson, Linda Orr, Karen Pawlyk, Lisa Pierson, Linda Powell, Judie Pursell, Melissa Rau, Andrea Dee Reichard, Sherry Rider, Jill Rivera, Chris Roberts, Laura Rosenheim, Carrie Sage, Susan Salcedo, Jerry Scheeper, Nazli Seewer, Tina Singh, Brenda Siville-Clark, Jan Skapik, Elizabeth Sliney, Shawna Smith, Colleen Spicher, Nicolette Stewart, Christine Sweeney, Robert Thomas, Eileen Tompkins, Terri Townsend, Heidi Trahms Stonehocker, Gayle Turner, Beverly van Dyke, Alex Vazquez, Pamela Wales Correne Weaver, Ashley Webb, Clarence Williams, Susan Wilson, Tamee Wilson, Gina Wolf, Debbie Wood, Lena Wurm


Professional photos courtesy of Katie Scott