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Get ready for a daily dose of goofiness and lovable antics! Gronk is a handsome man that turns heads wherever he goes. He loves to play, but also is an expert when it comes to couch snuggling.

Gronk is getting very good at using the potty bells and is crate trained. He is still working on basic training, but has mastered “sit” and “down”.

With a bit of training, he would make an excellent running buddy! Gronk is generally great on a leash, but can get excited when he sees a dog, human, squirrel, etc.. He is very exuberant when meeting new humans on his daily walks but will calm down after his initial excitement wears off. He would do best in a home that can provide plenty of exercise to help manage the sillies. He also loves to go for rides in the car and enjoys social outings.

Because of resource guarding in regards to toys, Gronk needs to be the only dog in the home. Gronk is a BIG boy and doesn’t seem to understand just how big he is so he would do best in a home with active adults but without kids under 15. This big goofball will provided endless laughs, snuggles, and kisses for the right family.