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Bert is an adorable small boxer who loves to cuddle with his people on the sofa or on a bed, but mostly on their lap. He loves walks and does really well on a leash. When on walks he is curious about other people with or without dogs, but he doesn’t bark, lunge, or pull on the leash. He is very friendly with other people and welcomes the attention.

He likes car rides and when we are on a walk, sometimes he’ll stop at a parked car as if to say he is ready to go on a ride. He knows “sit” and is learning “stay” and “off” (for when he doesn’t want to get off your lap). When the front door is opened to go on a walk, Bert will stand inside the door until he is told “ok, let’s go”. He has never run out the door. He has not had a single accident in the house. He doesn’t bark, literally ever. He will go in his crate easily if you point inside and say “go to bed”. He sleeps through the night in his crate and often takes naps in there on his own. He is very smart and learns routines quickly. Bert will take treats from your hand gently.

Bert is settling in to his foster home and coming into his own. He is becoming very playful, especially with tennis balls and we think he would do best in a home with or without another dog but probably no cats. He enjoys his daily walks even walks in the rain! He will also do best in a home where his family is mostly at home, with only short times left in his crate.