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Teigen has had a rough road with NCBR.  Because of anxiety, she has failed in several foster homes, mostly because she had issues with being left.

She has been in her current foster home almost two months and is doing well, including when she is left alone.

Teigen is house trained and not destructive.   She can co-exist with other calm dogs but does not tolerate pushy dogs.    If Teigen is individually adopted to a home with a current dog, that dog must be calm and the adopter must commit to an extended period of time (3-4 months) of keeping them separate with slow periods of introduction.

Teigen loves to sun bathe outside but that took time and patience for her to feel safe enough to do so.

Teigen will need time to settle in and a consistent routine.    Teigen can be crated and although she will sometimes whine,  she settles with a bully stick. Teigen has been left for up to 4 hours crated, without attempting to get out of the crate but Teigen would do better in a home that is not gone a lot.   Teigen can be boarded in a professional boarding facility without showing a lot of anxiety so she can be left while her adopter goes on vacation.

When people come into the house, Teigen needs to be crated, and she will bark but by covering the crate and giving her a bully stick, she settles.   Teigen has met several strangers at her foster Mom’s work and seeks attention from new people in that environment.

Teigen does get stressed with handling but settles with a patient process.

Teigen will never be a dog that goes to coffee shops or a lot of social places.   She prefers to be home – it is safe for her.

Teigen does NOT like cats.

Teigen is a sweet loving girl once she knows you and she is drop dead beautiful.