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Alfalfa (Alfie) is an adorable sweetheart. He has been socializing with two resident adult boxers and his sister Mattie. He likes to play chase, bitey face, chew on sticks, explore, play with stuffie toys, eat ice cubes, and give kisses. You’ll even catch him chasing his own tail!

He has mastered “sit” and is doing great with crate training. He eagerly runs into his crate for mealtime and sleeps in it at night. He is learning boundaries with the resident cat, learning “come” when called, potty training, getting used to wearing a harness, and much more. He is a quick learner and shows how proud he is when he knows he did something good.

Alfie loves to play outside and inside; wherever his person is. He is fearless, full of energy and curiosity. His cute puppy wrinkles, “missing sock” and personality are irresistible!

The ideal home for Alfie is where he can socialize with his family, continue his training and have a new sibling to run around and play with in the yard.

*Please note that NCBR does not accept applications for dogs that are on hold. Puppies will only be adopted to a home with a preexisting adult dog, no children under age five, no unfenced pools, and where the puppy will not be home alone for long hours. Do not fill out an application for a puppy if you do not meet ALL requirements. Your application will be immediately denied and will not be processed.