Gavin – October 2021

Yesterday we lost our amazing friend Gavin and our hearts are broken. It was only 4 weeks to the day after losing Blossom. Gavin came to live with us as a foster in May of 2012 and we knew immediately that he was home for good. NCBR had rescued him from the City Shelter in Porterville in Feb. 2011 and he stayed with his first foster home for a year before they adopted him. He was soon returned to NCBR due to divorce and we became the luckiest people ever to be able to make him part of our family. I remember the first two nights he was with us he was anxious and pacing. Since he was deaf, I turned on all of the lights in the house and slept on the couch with him so that he wouldn’t feel alone and could get used to our home. He relaxed and adjusted very fast after that. We have always loved and continue to love all of our dogs dearly but Gavin was truly one of a kind. He made friends everywhere he went. He loved my nieces so much and all children. He loved his walks and visiting with everyone he met along the way. He loved car rides and even going to the vet (where he knew the location of every biscuit jar). He loved doing zoomies in the yard when he still could and loved to sunbathe even though he shouldn’t have because of his white coat. He also really loved working on his “masterpiece” which was digging a large hole under an old Oak stump in the yard (and then giving Mom Poison Oak). He loved to share frozen berries with me when I’d make a smoothie every morning and enjoyed a cube or two each time I’d open the freezer. He also loved to go on NCBR home checks (again to meet new people) and was a good foster brother too. There are no words to express how much he was loved by us and how much he will be missed. RIP our sweet Gavie Doodle. We know you are on to bigger and better things.