Rebecca Genauer

In honor of Petey.

Rebecca Genauer12.31.23
Jack and Ramona Jacobs

In honor of Chris and Rebecca Valverde who are fostering Nirvana.

Jack and Ramona Jacobs12.27.23

In honor of Dmitri Makarov

Suzy & Mike Marzalek12.26.23

In memory of NCBR Alum, Ender Lee.

Kate Newby8.28.23

Happy birthday, Mom. Love you.

Donated by Ted and Tina Willadsen12.09.23

In memory of our precious and loving and much loved Swedee.   Thank you for allowing us over 10 years with such a loving and beautiful dog.

Nancy and Tony Hogg12.07.23
Chris & Joni Allaire

Our Emma crossed the Rainbow Bridge October 27th. Adopted from BRLA in 2015 she has been THE JOY OF OUR LIFE for just over 8 years. A senior of 11 she was always unconditionally loving…..she will be greatly missed and always in our hearts. Until we meet again sweet girl….

Chris & Joni Allaire11.19.23

In honor of Melissa Garvey

Conrad and Judy Garvey9.18.23

To the Velladao Family in loving memory of Mary Velladao.  She will always be in our hearts.

With love and remembrance,

Paulette and Tom Rose

Thomas and Paulette Rose9.02.23
Connie and Stanley Varnhagen

“Hoover” (renamed Alfred) was adopted by Scott and Heather as a puppy in 2011. He was an amazing dog who enriched so many lives.

Connie and Stanley Varnhagen8.17.23

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the Barnes family on the loss of Gene Barnes and Sheldon. Please accept this donation from Haro Bicycle Corporation on their behalf. We hope this donation helps your organization to continue the amazing and important work that you are doing every day of the year.

Gene Barnes and Sheldon8.17.23
Carissa Swanson and Jennifer Grant

Our boy Bruce taught us so much about what selfless love is. Then it was our turn. He’s on this next stage of his journey without us, but we trust that his siblings met him at the gate to be by his side.

Our hearts are broken. We loved and were loved so purely and completely. Until we meet again, know that we love you son. Always.

Carissa Swanson and Jennifer Grant8.12.23

In memory of our boxer girl Lily, who did the best spins, gave the best kisses and was the most devoted girl ever. We miss you with all our heart.

Richard & Sharlet Elms8.10.23

In gratitude for my neighbor’s sharing their pet, Myla, with me.. And it’s super therapeutic for me, hopefully a fun respite experience for my friend, and a chance for Myla to have a new friend.

Ann Rice8.04.23

Donation in Memory of Samson Yaughn , beloved boy of my friends Cristina and Kip.

Donated by Sheri Jensen with Love6.25.23
Roxanne Booth

In memory of Coco

Roxanne Booth5.04.23
Kelley Abbas

In memory of Kenji

Kelley Abbas5.04.23

In honor of Cooper and Tucker!

Luree Jones

In memory of Cloudy

Luree Jones5.04.23
Michelle Murphy

Dedicated to Pablo

Michelle Murphy5.04.23
Daryl Kelley

In memory of Usagi

Daryl Kelley5.04.23
Erin Parker

In memory of Stella Parker our beloved Boxer

Erin Parker5.04.23
Belinda Nabarette

Dedicated to Belinda Nabarette

Belinda Nabarette5.04.23
Julia Kopp

In memory of Moon

Julia Kopp5.04.23
Karen Heald

In memory of Irene Genauer.

Karen Heald5.04.23
Stace Cooper

In honor of Tripper

Stace Cooper5.04.23
Eileen Reynolds

In honor or Coco Johnston, Boxer lover, and in memory of precious Sierra who she had fostered and adopted in old age.

Eileen Reynolds5.04.23

In memory of Rocky W

Amy Glenn

On behalf of Ava and Ellie the boxers

Amy Glenn5.04.23
Grace Fong

In honor of Baxter, sweetest wigglebutt ever

Grace Fong5.04.23
Lawrence Yee

Dedicated to Daphne and Helen

Lawrence Yee5.04.23
Bruce Hendler

In memory of Tyson.

Bruce Hendler5.04.23
Melody Derenia

In memory of precious Irene, we love you!

Melody Derenia5.04.23
Michelle Armijo

In memory of Oscar, Sonoma and Thor – In my heart forever!

Michelle Armijo5.04.23
Roxanne Booth

In memory of Coco

Roxanne Booth5.04.23
Rhonda Carrigan

On behalf of Sugar McSorley

Rhonda Carrigan5.04.23
Debbie and James McDilda

In memory of all our beautiful boxer babies past and present.

Debbie and James McDilda5.04.23
Nicolette DiVecchio

In memory of Ella-LL-Elbo my sweet girl

Nicolette DiVecchio5.04.23
Joseph Spatafore

In memory of my boxers across the bridge: Taz, JoJo and Bianca.

Joseph Spatafore5.04.23
Victoria Corrales

In honor of all the NCBR families.

Victoria Corrales5.04.23
Carol Christopher

In honor of the NCBR staff, all of whom are volunteers, who work tirelessly to save and improve the lives of boxers.

Carol Christopher5.04.23

In memory of our Irene Genauer

Ann Marie

Hope was an amazing girl.  Calm, quiet, and rather shy until she got to know you, she was accepted instantly by all of our resident dogs.

She took to her K9 walking cart like a duck to water.  She loved going on her walks; She stood so tall and proud in her cart. She was alert and curious to everything she saw – and smelled – on her walks.  She used to scoot over to me – foster momma – in the living room and sit herself in my lap, waiting excitedly for her turn for a walk with foster daddy when he returned from walking our resident dogs.

She loved meal and snack times, and was so patient and quiet while she waited to eat.  She would scoot herself from her bed in the living room and sit herself so she had a direct view into the dining room, and a little peek at foster momma in the kitchen while I prepared the food.

She liked to play with toys!  We were surprised at this, I guess because her mobility was so limited, but nonetheless delighted.  The first time I brought out the toy basket, she immediately scooted over to it and chose a toy, and then scooted back to her bed and began to chew on it.  It was a joy to watch her so animated with her favorite toys.

These are just a few memories of our sweet Hope.  We knew with her advanced Degenerative Myelopathy and the tumors she had, that we wouldn’t have her for long, we just didn’t know how long “long” would be.  She lived and we believe enjoyed life really until just a few days before we had to say goodbye.  It was very sudden, her turn for the worse.  One day, that spark in her was just gone, and we could see the change in her health – not just with what we saw outwardly, but her decline also shown in her eyes.

We loved Hope the minute we saw her, and miss her kind and gentle presence.  We are so grateful we were able to give Hope – and receive from her – 43 days of unconditional love.  We will never forget her.

Ann Marie4.06.23
Helen, John, Jacqui and Jesse Luis

In loving memory of our Joon. We adopted Joon from NCBR in Sept. 2011. What a blessing she was to our family. She was our 2nd NCBR rescue and we loved her so much. May she play on forever on the beaches of the great beyond…

Helen, John, Jacqui and Jesse Luis4.05.23

In honor of my father, Michael Smith, for his birthday.

Andrew & Yesenia Smith2.23.23

In memory of my fabulous boy Lazer – the best boy ever.

LeAnne Werner-Donaldson2.19.23
Sigrid and Guy Gibson

In memory of our NCBR rescue, Murphy. Such a silly, sweet, wonderful boy. We will never forget the happiness you brought into our lives. We will remember you always.

Sigrid and Guy Gibson1.07.23












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