The Kalivodas and your LW family

Cosmo there hasn’t been a day since you stepped foot into our car in May 2011 that we haven’t thought of you. You brought such love and light in our house and completed our small family. Life without you will not be the same. Your sheer being has changed our lives for the better. You will forever be in our hearts my sweet angel.

The Kalivodas and your LW family12.27.20

In loving memory of my sister Meghan Gumbelevicius and our boxer Velvet.

Donated by the Leber Family12.24.20
Your Best Friend, Percy

Dear Ginger

I miss you so much already. I was so lucky to have met you at Lake Merritt three years ago. You’re the best playmate and friend, even if you didn’t like to cuddle as much as I do. I know you loved me anyway, despite my dirty paws, ever present fur and my foxtails.

I’m not sure where you’ve gone, but I am pretty sure you are playing in the sand and sliding down grass hills every day.

Love always, Percy

Your Best Friend, Percy12.17.20
With love, Geri & Bob

In loving memory of sweet Smee…..he will be sorely missed by his family….Marty, Sara, and Grady…..and his fur sibling
Hook. Such a wonderful family member, all to quickly they leave us behind….run free, and eat all the cookies you want.

With love, Geri & Bob12.14.20
Omar Rivera Lopez

Our baby Mexsil, we missed you so much. You made us happy for 13yrs and 2 months and we can not forget you. You always be in our heart forever and one day we can reunite with you …Love you so much mi pechocho.

Omar Rivera Lopez12.03.20
With Love, Mama Sue

In loving memory of sweet Louie and in deepest sympathy to his mama Brittany. I will forever cherish all the moments we spent together Lou. You touched my heart so deeply with your endless wiggly bouncy and joyful spirit, mischievous (sometimes naughty) comical personality and all your cuddly cozy snuggles and kisses. But most of all, your unconditional love and devotion to your humans,most especially your mama. I know someday our tears will turn to smiles with all the happy and oh so special memories of you Louie.

Rest in Peace❤

With Love, Mama Sue11.15.20
With A huge amount of love, and a broken heart, Gaël

Dear Eva Hatcher Siracusa,
Dear girl, I know you are in heaven and surrounded by love. We are heartbroken that you had to say goodbye, but will always remember how much love you gave, and how very special you were. ❤❤❤

With A huge amount of love, and a broken heart, Gaël11.13.20
The Bigaignon’s

On behalf of amazing dog Gabby who we adopted 4 1/2 years ago but we recently lost to kidney disease. I miss you everyday but we want your legacy to continue to help boxers in need.

The Bigaignon’s9.18.20
With love, The Blizmans

We love Mater and your family! May his sweet disposition always remind us to love those around us and be happy throughout all of life’s ups and downs. Keep wagging that happy tail!

With love, The Blizmans9.5.20
Nicole H

Callie’s four year adoption anniversary and I wanted to include NCBR in the celebration!

Nicole H8.25.20
with love Kimberly and Chuck Maker

In memory of sweet Jolene (fna Zoe). Words cannot express all the joy, inspiration and love she gave. Deep condolences to her forever family, the Blairs.

with love Kimberly and Chuck Maker7.25.20
Donna Verna

Dakota Leila Verna

Aug 27, 2007 – July 1, 2020

Trained as a therapy dog, after multiple Canine Good Citizenship designations, she worked with me in Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and private homes to bring comfort, peace and laughter to my clients and other residents. Dakota was a gentle soul who loved children and babies, who delighted in holding treats that she would retrieve by gently wrapping her big, soft lips around their hands. She is loved and missed by everyone who ever knew her.


Donna Verna7.24.20
With much love, Pamela and Meagan

Dear Primavera’s

We are so sorry for the loss of your sweet Percy aka Mama. We know life will not be the same without her, we hope you find peace in the knowledge that she lived a great life and was loved beyond measure.

With much love, Pamela and Meagan7.1.20

In loving memory of Laura’s deeply cherished Sir Lancelot, an amazing dog!


In memory of Brutus, beloved by Lauren, Lee, Miles and family.

With deepest sympathies, Molly & Finn6.15.20

This donation is made in honor of Mollie Osborne. Her human, Samantha, is a big supporter of Nor Cal Boxer Rescue. Mollie was a very sweet boxer who will be missed by many.

Joan Klein6.8.20
With love, Teresa, Chris, & Xavier

Our sweet perfect girl, Jean Grey passed away suddenly last week leaving behind mom, dad, and brother Xavier. We miss you so much our Jeanie. Our family is not the same without you my girl. We hope this donation can help other sweet beautiful boxers find the homes they deserve.

With love, Teresa, Chris, & Xavier5.14.20
In honor of Tank‘s Momma on this Mother’s day.

In memory of Tank. Who loved long walks on the beach, his big poof for sleeping, and above all his momma. He is mostly certainly waiting for when you two will be together again in a place where the weather is always perfect for a walk and the poof never needs to be refluffed. Happy mother’s day.

In honor of Tank‘s Momma on this Mother’s day.5.9.20
Donated by the Miller-Clem Family

Tonight, we had to say goodbye to our gentle loving soul Buster Brown Boxer Boy. It was the most heart-wrenching experience our family has ever endured! We are making a donation to ncbr.org in loving memory of our beloved boy.

Donated by the Miller-Clem Family4.29.20
From Kat and Blissful Beasts Pet Services

Our friend and pack mate Tyson the Boxer passed away on Friday. He had a wonderful human family, and under their loving care he was able to live comfortably and happily with cancer for many good months. He was strong enough to keep hiking with the pack for most of that time, and he always enjoyed it to the fullest! He never failed to leap into the Element with gusto when I picked him up for his hikes. He was a big fan of freeze dried beef liver, and he never lost a drooling contest. His whole pack and I will miss him very dearly. Rest in peace sweet Tyson.

From Kat and Blissful Beasts Pet Services4.19.20

In Memory of Benny

Lynette Farinas3.1.20

In memory of Daisy, Lawrence’s beautiful and long-lived girl. She was a patient, gentle, and kind sibling to three senior foster boxers: Bo, Bunny, and Helen, who were each so lucky to know her.


Private cremation for Gracelynn

Victoria Corrales2.21.20
Bibiana and David

Gracelynn was truly loved and her immediate connection to my husband was a joy. In my head I was already thinking she was going to be my foster ‘fail’ because she had been through so much that I didn’t want to put her through more changes. I leave with you the last pictures I took of her on Monday. I had the day off so we were home with her. RIP sweet Gracie ❤️

Bibiana and David2.20.20

In memory of sweet Gracelynn, “Gracie”. Although with NCBR a brief time, her paw prints are forever in my heart.


In Memory of Jeff Sherman. He Loved Dogs!

Terry Wood2.17.20

In memory of Jeffrey A. Sherman.

Thoughts and prayers for Pat Sherman and all of Jeff’s family.

Donated by Debbie Souza2.13.20

In memory of Lucy — a beautiful, sweet boxer girl

Brent Hatcher, Larry Siracusa, Eva & Eddie1.10.20












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