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Abigail – December, 2009

Just a quick update to let you know how Abigail is doing. She is just a loving girl. She fits right in with the family. She spends the day with us. In the morning she sits with us while we have coffee. In the afternoon we take her for a walk in the park. My […]

Ace – December, 2010

Ace won over my heart within moments of meeting with those deep eyes asking for a forever love. He was an energetic, happy, beautiful boy who loved to snuggle in our arms and romp around with his boxer brothers at the beach. His smile will forever live in the hearts of who met him. Run, […]

Achilles – September, 2016

We had to say goodbye to our best friend, Achilles. We were lucky enough to spend 7 years with him and he brought so much joy to our lives. He truly was the greatest dog. He will forever be loved and terribly missed. ~ Emily and Mike E.

Adrienne – October, 2015

Adrienne found her fur-ever home with Virginie B. and family. “Adrienne is settling in and getting lots of love. She’s been on a few walks in the neighborhood and meeting other dogs and people.  She’s a sweet girl and loves to give the girls lots of kisses. Thank you for all!”

Allie – August, 2014

Allie was a true Texas princess. She stole hearts the moment anyone spent time with her. But she was more particular about who she befriended. Only the best could be in her world. So we are so lucky she chose us and made us a part of her inner circle. She was more of a […]

Amanda – September, 2011

When Amanda came to NCBR, she was thought to be pregnant but x-rays found a cancerous tumor that had spread to local lymph nodes and several gallons of fluid in her abdomen. Removal of the tumor left an emaciated, sick and exhausted dog. We were nervous about taking on such a serious case of poor […]

Angel – July, 2010

Angel found her fur-ever home with Angel H. “This is Angel. Just wanted to let you know Angel is doing great. She & Merrick absolutely love each other!! She met our girls tonite-loves them & they her. She’s very intrigued by the kitties. She is such a lover. “Tonite she curled up in my lap and […]

Annabelle – April, 2012

Annabelle found her fur-ever home with the Munoz Family. “Annabelle has been with us for a month now and we think she’s on the young side of ‘mature’. She looks great and her coat is getting soft/shiny, she’s more active, and she has really firmed up her muscles. What a friendly happy gal and she can’t wait for […]

Annabelle – December, 2012

Sad to let you know that sweet Annabelle was battling a tumor this past fall and she suffered bleeding episodes. A few days ago she took a turn for the worse, and we had to say goodbye to her and relieve her misery. We were so fortunate to have been able to give her a […]

Annie – February, 2015

Annie (fka Autumn) found her fur-ever home with Patti M. One Year Update Can you believe it has been a year since we brought our sweet Annie home? I wanted to send you a brief update on what a year it has been. She is a fully inducted member of the Mizulo pack. She loves her […]

Annie – July, 2017

“Annie was rescued by NCBR in 2012, spent some time at two foster homes and found her forever home in July 2012. On july 28th, 2017, without prior symptoms, Annie unexpectedly passed away. Annie was found to have a large tumor around her spleen which had ruptured. Given the odds and complications, there were no good choices. She wasn’t much […]