Buddy – January, 2010

Buddy found his fur-ever home with Louis & Deanna.

“Buddy is doing so well with us. What a cuddle bunny! Winnie loves him too and they are side-by-side companions. They have robust play about 2 times a day but on the whole are content to follow each other around. Buddy enjoys the backyard and they just wander around smelling things. Buddy has brought out something in Winnie that is really cool – he doesn’t bark and Winnie has stopped barking quite a bit because of him. She was accustomed to bark as we let her out the back door, perhaps as a warning to anyone outside our yard that she was there, but now they just go out quietly.

“Buddy’s system seems normal now but the first whole day he had the stinkiest farts. I got the dog food that you had for him and that might have made the difference or the fact that he has settled into our household routines and is less nervous.

“Thanks so much for your contribution and love that you gave him so they folks like us could love and enjoy Buddy so much.”

~ Deanna