Buster – December, 2016

Buster found his fur-ever home with Mark and Heather H.

“Buster is doing great! He has acclimated very well. We are starting some training classes this month because his on-leash behavior needs some improvement.

“The baby (Julianna) and Buster have become best friends forever and they love to be around each other. He even sleeps on her rug in her room during her naps. She is always crawling over to him and petting him while squealing in excitement. He lets her crawl all over him. The other day, he even shared one of his bone shaped baked cookie dog treats with her…which was returned to him promptly after Heather and I saw it in her mouth.

“The older girls (Daniela & Sabrina) both love coming home to Buster and he is equally excited. He jumps in place with excitement and does a cute whining noise. Buster has a dog bed in each girls room and takes turns spending the night with each of them. In fact, Buster has 5 beds throughout the house, so that he always has a place to relax and spend time with his humans. The girls walk him every day and night and enjoy the walks (until he sees another dog and goes bonkers). The girls feed him all his meals and will be learning the fine art of dog bathing soon. They have taken an active roll in his care, even accompanying Buster to his first vet visit for an introduction with his new vet. Buster has put on about 3 lbs since we got him and the vet just loves him. The vet and I did notice he appears to have allergies. He is scheduled to go to a pet dermatologist next month for a patch test to determine what he’s specifically allergic to and how we can effectively treat it.

“Buster has definitely picked me as the one human he will follow everywhere. He is always with me while I’m at the house and if I am gone, he quickly moves to following Heather around. He LOVES car rides! I can’t even open the door to get something out of our cars without him jumping in and refusing to get out. He is quite a character and his personality shines through more and more as he gets more comfortable with his new family.”

~ Mark & Heather