Daisy – September, 2015

Daisy (fka Annie) found her fur-ever home with Michelle E.


“Not much has changed. Daisy is still a brat – she pushes Duke out of the way when she wants attention, steals food off the coffee table and barks at nothing. And we still say, “Daisy, NO” almost every day. She is a happy girl and everything is exciting to her (wiggle butt for everything). We’ve invested a lot of time and patience into off-leash training and both dogs are good listeners and play really well with other dogs they meet. The biggest surprise of all this year is that she LOVES to swim. Hates baths, but loves lakes. We spent most of the summer on the boat and she was great. She jumps off the back of the boat without hesitation and loves to sit at the front with the wind in her face. Attached is a picture of both dogs at Lake Shasta this summer.

“Thanks again for the opportunity to have Daisy in our family. I would have 10 more like her if my family would let me.”

~ Michelle

UPDATE 10/21/15:

Just wanted to check in and let you know how things have been going. We renamed Annie to Daisy – so now we have Daisy and Duke…LOL

Daisy is the biggest brat ever – and we LOVE IT! She is very energetic and “demands” to be loved and snuggled every night.  Daisy and Duke both sleep with my 11-year-old son every night, in his bed. Daisy wouldn’t have it any other way.

She is a typical puppy who likes to chew on anything she can find – socks, shoes (including my Calvin Klein high heels) and dirty clothes (undies are her favorite). She gets “in trouble” almost every week and we say “Daisy, NO” a lot around the house.

Daisy and Duke are very active and play a lot – every morning. We take them on long walks each week by the river and they are a great pair. Duke has helped Daisy learn the rules of the house and has been a great big brother to her, although she sometimes get on his nerves. Duke pretends to let Daisy be the boss, but he steps in when he needs to. Just this week, he finally let Daisy snuggle next to him in his bed.

We are excited to take them both out on the boat and on camping trips this summer – all new experience for her. (We’re waiting for her to gain some weigh before getting her life vest.)

We took her to our vet for her next heartworm and both dogs are looking good – all caught up on shots, heartworm preventative and everything else needed. Vet said Daisy is fit but lean – should gain another 5 lbs – and Duke is husky – needs to lose 5 lbs. Daisy was 47.5 when we adopted her and she’s now 50.2 lbs. She’s filling out and gaining weight. We joke that we have a “fat boy” and a “skinny girl.”

Daisy has been a great addition to our family and we have totally fallen in love with her. She really is a great girl who just needed a good home to be happy. Again, she’s a total brat – and we LOVE it! Thank you so much for the opportunity to have Daisy in our lives.   We love her so much and she truly is our baby girl, it was meant to be.

Thank you so much!!!!!