Sage – July, 2010

Sage found her fur-ever home with Joel C.

“Sage is amazing! We had our second leash walk around the block today and she does great; she’s so smart! The 1st 24 hours were a bit crazy; Sammy, our older guy, took a bit to figure out that she’s not a home invador and is now part of our pack. Now…I can’t believe it’s only been 3 days…he’s figured out that she’s here to stay, herds her around a little bit and lets her lick his face. He snapped at her a couple times the 1st day, let her know who’s boss but now he’s totally taken to her. He goes for a beach walk every morning and a leash walk every night (spoiled!) and he’s so much more into his leash walks now. Sage tries to imitate him, walks side by side, pees where he pees….it’s pretty amazing. I think I told you, his last pal died in March and he hasn’t been the same since-neither have I for that matter, but I’m a human ya know? Sage is totally filling the gap. He loves it when she walks with him on the leash, it’s a total crack-up.

“She has a huge crate that she loves and when she gets tuckered out she just goes and crashes in there. We had a couple ‘pee in the house’ accidents but today’s been good so far… She has a great yard and has 2 spaztic dads freaking out whenever she pees outside so she’s figured it’s a good thing…she gets so excited when we get excited, lots of puppy kisses.

“I think being in the house w/a big, older guy has been really good for her. She hasn’t done that ‘flip over and pee’ thing once. She kind of has to be a tough dog around here and she’s totally stepping up. She knows her place w/Sammy but just sort of respects him, just sits and looks at him when he puts her in her place and doesn’t do that submissive, pathetic pee dog thing…we all couldn’t be happier, it’s such a good match. She’s perfect! I can’t get over her perfect she is. So happy we got her, or she got us….however it works, it’s made everything normal around here again, I think we needed a little puppy chaos…

“Take care and stay in touch!”
~ Joel

“While we have not had the opportunity to meet, I would like to indtroduce myself and give you updates on Sage. My name is Danny, I am Joel’s husband, and I wanted you to know how lucky I feel to have had Sage find our family.

“Sammy (my old man hound, 12 yrs old) has really taken to her. He has assimilated well to having a puppy in the home, and Sage’s little energy seems to entertain him, at least to the degree that he gets entertained (unless it’s a bunny or a ground squirrel, he aint chasin’ it). I wasn’t worried that he wouldn’t like her but I really wanted him to do more than “tolerate” her in his space. He has done well, as has Sage.

“She is really checked in and surprisingly mellow for a puppy. She has learned her place in the pack after a few “checks’ from Sammy. He’ll pin her with his muzzle but not even open his mouth. His growl alone has taught her not to invade the space of the big dog. Watching her watch him is beautiful. She is learning so much from him, and he from her. He looks like a younger dog today, all proud and smiley.

“Just wanted to touch base, introduce myself and say hello. Will keep you updated and maybe we’ll drive on out that way sometime so you can visit Sage.

“Thank you for fostering her, and doing all you do to help so many. I couldn’t feel more blessed than I do now, with the new baby in our family we feel whole again; she filled a gap that was left when we lost our old girl Gertie in March. I think Sammy was so used to being part of a four mammal pack that now it just seems normal to him. And Sage is so bright and respectful of him. She is so highly teachable and I am truly amazed at her assimilation into our family. It seems magical, written in the stars, and we all feel so lucky. So, again, thank you.

“If there is a way I could give back I would love to do so. I will be filling out the application to do home visits in Oakland, and would love to help in any way I can to pay this forward. Sage is a welcome bundle of love in my life, and all of our lives.

“Attatched is a picture or two of the dogs together. She has been growing by leaps and bounds and really has found her voice in the pack. Her bark is music to my ears.”

More soon,
warmest regards,
~ Danny