Zoey – February, 2010

Zoey (fka Barrota) found her fur-ever home with Jen & Family.

“Zoey is settling in nicely. She is still a little confused about where to go # 2 (seems to think the carpet is the best place). That’s life though. We are working with her and rewarding her with a treat every time she goes number 1 or number 2 outside. Same thing with basic commands.

“We have been walking/running every day – Zoey would prefer to run everywhere! On Saturday, we took her out to Folsom Lake and let her run around near the water and through the fields out there. There were a ton of people out there with other dogs and Zoey was very interested in playing with all of them! On Sunday, we took her on another long walk and up to the dog park about two miles from our house. She loved that too!

“She has been eating well for the most part – as long as I am in the room. She doesn’t seem to eat if I am not present. My last dog did the same thing – I think it was a security thing. Either way, we will fatten her up!”

~ Jen