Benny - June, 2011

Benny found his fur-ever home with Marty & Sara G.

Bentley - September, 2012

Bentley found his fur-ever home with the Williams Fami…

Berley - April, 2010

Berley found his fur-ever home with Glenn K.

Bernie - January, 2012

Bernie found his fur-ever home with Gail G.

Betsy - February, 2011

Betsy found her fur-ever home with Rick & Amy S.

Betty Lou - August, 2012

Betty Lou (fka Hoda) found her fur-ever home with the Smith…

Billie - May, 2012

Billie (fka Hailey) found her fur-ever home with the O'Connor…

Bindi - August, 2011

Bindi found her fur-ever home with Edie D. "I just wanted…

Blade - March, 2011

Blade found his fur-ever home with Dan R.

Blitzy - September, 2010

Blitzy (aka Alpine) found his fur-ever home in September…

Blossom - December, 2012

Blossom found her fur-ever home with the Hofstra Famil…

Bo - February, 2010

Bo found his fur-ever home with his foster family, Marlene…

Bo - November, 2012

Bo found his fur-ever home with the Rogaski Family.

Bo - October, 2011

Bo found his fur-ever home with Bruce M. "Hi, just…

Bobby - February, 2012

Bobby found his fur-ever home with Tim and Judy F.

Bode - November, 2010

Bode found his fur-ever home with Larry & Kris G.

Booker - December, 2011

Booker found his fur-ever home with Karen K. & Tim …

Boomer - December, 2011

Boomer found his fur-ever home with Joseph S.

Bosco - October, 2010

Bosco found his fur-ever home with Rachel & Brent …

Bowser - May, 2010

Bowser found his fur-ever home with Michael C.

Bradley - May, 2012

Bradley found his fur-ever home with Dottie M.

Brady - November, 2011

Brady found his fur-ever home with the Falconer Famil…

Brandi - April, 2012

Brandi found her fur-ever home with the Wichman Fami…

Brewster - April, 2014

Brewster found his fur-ever home with Jennifer & Ron…

Brianna - November, 2012

Brianna found her fur-ever home with the Martin Family…

Brighton - July, 2012

Brighton found her fur-ever home with Jennifer T.

Brighton - September, 2012

Brighton found her fur-ever home with Lisa S.

Brisco - December, 2010

Brisco found his fur-ever home with Steve & Amy B.

Brittney - October, 2014

Brittney found her fur-ever home with Cheryl H.

Brix - September, 2011

Brix found his fur-ever home with Chuck & Nora K.

Brixton - April, 2012

Brixton found her fur-ever home with the Jones Family…

Brock - April, 2011

Brock found his fur-ever home with Scott & Alison K. "We…

Brock - June, 2011

Brock found his fur-ever home with Christy G. & Ryan…

Broderick - October, 2011

Broderick found his fur-ever home with David O.

Brodie - September, 2011

Brodie found his fur-ever home with Jill & Dave E.

Brooklyn - January, 2014

Brooklyn found her fur-ever home with Alex & Dee. "Brooklyn…

Bruno - October, 2010

Bruno found his fur-ever home with Jaimie P.

Buddy - April, 2011

Buddy found his fur-ever home in April.   &…

Buddy - April, 2012

Buddy (fka Balboa) found his fur-ever home with the Bents/Hope…

Buddy - February, 2012

Buddy found his fur-ever home with Belinda N. "Buddy…