Abby - August, 2011

Abby found her fur-ever home with Richard B.

Ace - February, 2011

Ace found his fur-ever home with Justin F.

Ace - May, 2010

Ace found his fur-ever home with Mona M.

Addie - January, 2011

Addie found her fur-ever home with Sheila T.

Akira - January, 2010

Akira found her fur-ever home with Ray & Lois T.

Alta - May, 2011

Alta found her fur-ever home with Rich & Mary.

Amanda - January, 2010

Amanda found her fur-ever home with Marica & Bruce…

Angel - July, 2010

Angel found her fur-ever home with Angel H. "This is…

Ani - July, 2011

Ani found her fur-ever home with James M.

Anna Belle - April, 2010

Anna Belle found her fur-ever home with Robert R.

Anna Belle - July, 2010

Anna Belle found her fur-ever home with Peter & Lee…

Annabelle - April, 2011

Annabelle found her fur-ever home with Kerry & Jaime…

Annabelle - April, 2012

Annabelle found her fur-ever home with the Munoz Family. "Annabelle…

Annie - August, 2010

Annie found her fur-ever home with Sheryl B.

Annie - July, 2012

Annie found her fur-ever home with Lauren D.

Annie - June, 2010

Annie (fka Cheyenne) found her fur-ever home with Julie…

Annie - May, 2014

Annie found her fur-ever home with Tammy & Evan O. "Annie…

Apollo - March, 2014

Apollo found his fur-ever home with Freya & Boomer…

Ashley - June, 2010

Ashley found her fur-ever home with Ann & Paul F.

Audrey - January, 2011

Audrey (fka Reese) found her fur-ever home with Tom &…

Babe - February, 2011

Babe found her fur-ever home with Joey M. & Dovie …

Bailey - June, 2010

Bailey found his fur-ever home with Ron C. & Famil…

Bailey - March, 2012

Bailey found her fur-ever home with the Starkweather F…

Bailey - November, 2010

Bailey found his fur-ever home with Steve R.

Banjo - August, 2012

Banjo found his fur-ever home with Patty K.

Baxter - August, 2010

Baxter found his fur-ever home with Anthony & Lindsay…

Baylee - February, 2011

Baylee (fka Patti) found her fur-ever home with Teresa…

Bea - March, 2010

Bea (fka Kachina) found her fur-ever home with Blake H. "Bea…

Bear - March, 2014

Bear (fka Blake) found his fur-ever home with Alycia C. "Bear…

Beau - June, 2012

Beau found his fur-ever home with Ty & Kristen.

Becker - September, 2011

Becker found his fur-ever home with Jeff, Carol and Hannah…

Bella - August, 2010

Bella found her fur-ever home with Daniel & Marlow…

Bella - February, 2012

Bella found her fur-ever home with Kathy and Randy A.

Bella - June, 2012

Bella found her fur-ever home with the Harris Family.

Bella - March, 2010

Bella found her fur-ever home in March.

Bella - September, 2010

Bella found her fur-ever home with Patti T.

Bella & Mugsy - February, 2011

Bella & Mugsy found their fur-ever home with Doug …

Ben - September, 2011

Ben found his fur-ever home with Nancy B.

Bender - March, 2012

Bender found his fur-ever home with Jenna B.

Bender - May, 2010

Bender found his fur-ever home with Sean O.