Annie – May, 2014

Annie found her fur-ever home with Tammy & Evan O.

“Annie is doing great so far! She’s still a little nervous and tentative as she tries to figure out her place here, but she’s totally warmed up to Evan and I and follow us everywhere. I’m guessing part of that quick attachment to us stems from a fear she may have of being left behind or abandoned. Never the less, she is a total lover! She seem to enjoy sniffing around the back yard and napping in the shade while we’re out working in the yard. She’s also sleeping like a log on her fluffy bed next to me in our bedroom.

“Anyway, we are totally in love with her. We smother her with love and hugs and she smothers us with puppy kisses…it’s AWESOME! I love hearing her little paws tap, tap, tap across the floor.

“Thanks again for letting Annie come home with us!!! We hope we can make her as happy as she’s made us so far!”