Annie - May, 2014

Annie found her fur-ever home with Tammy & Evan O. "Annie…

Annie - Updated

Thanks for all you guys do! If not for NCBR, we wouldn't have…

Apollo - March, 2014

Apollo found his fur-ever home with Freya & Boomer…

Bear - March, 2014

Bear (fka Blake) found his fur-ever home with Alycia C. "Bear…

Brewster - April, 2014

Brewster found his fur-ever home with Jennifer & Ron…

Bridget - August, 2014

We're so happy to announce that Bridget found her fur-ever…

Brittney - October, 2014

Brittney found her fur-ever home with Cheryl H.

Brooklyn - January, 2014

Brooklyn found her fur-ever home with Alex & Dee. "Brooklyn…

Buddy - February, 2014

Buddy found his fur-ever home with Kim, Joe and Dominic…

Buzz - February, 2014

Buzz found his fur-ever home with John & Katie U.

Calvin - September, 2014

Calvin found his fur-ever home with Lisa.

Charlie - May, 2014

Charlie found his fur-ever home with Richard B.

Chloe - May, 2014

Chloe found her fur-ever home with J.M.

Clementine - March, 2014

Clementine found her fur-ever home with K. Bloom.

Deuce - August, 2014

Deuce (fka Bruce) found his fur-ever home with Nyki D. One…

Elvis - June, 2014

Elvis found his fur-ever home with Scott T.

Emma - February, 2014

Emma found her fur-ever home with Lisa & Phil M.

Fallon - April, 2014

Fallon found her fur-ever home with Lisa F.

Freddie - January, 2014

Freddie found his fur-ever home with Janet L. "Picked…

Frenchie - July, 2014

Ooh la la! Frenchie founder her fur-ever home with Jeanne…

Grace - January, 2014

Grace found her fur-ever home with Beverly C. "Grace…

Gunner - October, 2014

Gunner found his fur-ever home with Scott P.

Hobbes - October, 2014

Hobbes found his fur-ever home with Debbie M.

Hyero - July, 2014

Hyero (fka Holmes) was adopted by Tirsa L. and Michael P. "We…

Ingo - June, 2014

Ingo found his fur-ever home with Wendy and David S.: "Ingo…

Jewel - June, 2014

Jewel found her fur-ever home with Lisa B.

Katie - May, 2014

Katie was adopted in May and boy is she living large! Her…

Koby - February, 2014

Koby found his fur-ever home with Jane E.

Lexi - August, 2014

Lexi found her fur-ever home with Belinda N. One Year Update: "She…

Lilah - December, 2014

Lilah (fka Myla) found her fur-ever home with Susan &…

Lilah - December, 2014

Lilah (fka Myla), pictured with brindle brother Champ, found…

Lola - September, 2014

Lola found her fur-ever home with Cynthia S. I cannot…

London - May, 2014

London found her fur-ever home with Devon.

Lou - February, 2014

Lou found his fur-ever home with Sharon B.

Lucie - March, 2014

Lucie found her fur-ever home with David G.

Lucky - April, 2014

Lucky (fka Loki) found his fur-ever home with Irene G. "As…

Makoa - January, 2014

Makoa found his fur-ever home with Glenn & Susan K.…

Mariah - June, 2014

Our dear sweet Mariah (fka Maria), who was adopted by Carol…

Marley - February, 2014

Marley found his fur-ever home with B. Clark.

Marshall - May, 2014

Happy news for Marshall, who got adopted by Kristi and Keith…