Lola – September, 2014

Lola found her fur-ever home with Cynthia S.

I cannot tell you how much joy she has brought our family and having puppy energy and boxer humor and shananigans has distracted and charmed us completely. Please pass on this information to Lauren and Catarina. Catarina did an excellent job ( and her family).

Lola has been nicknamed Pepper and Pepsauce. She is eager to please and my daughter has been home on vacation training her. Pepper sits at the door and waits to be invited outside. She is responsive when her investigating borders on the limits. This week Pepper ran around with new buddies, Kitsu and Prince who is a male boxer. They chased and tore up the backyard. Yesterday, Pepper investigated a gopher hole and came away limping. Gopher bite? Bee sting? Sprained paw? She was good as new in one hour and playing with her toys again. She loves the squeaky toys and we love to throw them up in the air. She can bounce high and its a joy to see. Pepper wakes up early but not to use the bathroom. She needs cuddling. She sleeps with my daughter but at 4:00 AM she wants David and I. She is a typical boxer! She likes to be talked to and she has plenty of people to give her observation and advice.

She is eating Taste of the Wild and enjoying treats. She drinks a lot less water than our old boxer but our old boxer was on a lot of medication.

Pepper had two sleepovers in a row. Our son’s twin friends came over and Pepper got to chase them all over the house. The next night Eliza’s friend from babyhood came over and the three girls stayed up late watching TV and lounging on one another.

~ Cynthia