Frenchie – July, 2014

Ooh la la! Frenchie founder her fur-ever home with Jeanne R. and family.

One-Year Update:

It has been a joy to have Frenchie. The tongue is an endearing quality to us. It is total trust when she lays her tongue on a family member’s arm, leg, or chest. She has melded well with our dog Wizzmoo (see picture) and our family. It took a few months before she was completely at ease and stopped trying to please us. Now when people visit she is right there to say “Hi!” with her tongue hanging to the side.

She loves having her fur-brother to play and nap with. They have a rhythm to their day. They start with eating, chasing the toy or each other all over the yard, followed by sun bathing, snuggles with each other and the humans and then a nap attack. Repeat. When I throw toys, Frenchie will pick it up some of the time and Wizzmoo, holds the toys, some of the time, for Frenchie to grab and run with. They do get walks thrown into the mix as well, but Frenchie is not excited about walking like some dogs.

We also have created a feeding method that works for all of us, for Frenchie, due to inability to eat fast or without making a mess. Frenchie’s food goes down and Wizzmoo eats in another area. When Wizzmoo is done he comes and sits by or on one of us. After Frenchie is done eating we “release” Wizzmoo and he helps clean up (after Frenchie has left the eating area). We do use a boot tray for water so Frenchie can drink and not worry about making a mess.

My husband is blind and has some other health issues, she is a great companion for him, well, all of us. She loves to cuddle, receive hugs and kisses, petting, brushing and lots of love. She gives love back to us as well. She seems to know if one of us is upset and comes and sits by us usually laying her head in our lap. You can’t create a dog like her and we are grateful for her every day.

~ Jeanne