Annabelle – April, 2012

Annabelle found her fur-ever home with the Munoz Family.

“Annabelle has been with us for a month now and we think she’s on the young side of ‘mature’. She looks great and her coat is getting soft/shiny, she’s more active, and she has really firmed up her muscles. What a friendly happy gal and she can’t wait for her outings and is smelling roses less and trying to keep up with our younger boxer. Her personality continues to blossom as she is learning to play a little with our boxer. She doesn’t whine or whimper when excited but sometimes will make a throaty sound instead—a lot of people might mistake this as growling, but its not, that’s her happy sound. She enjoys sleeping on dog beds or the couch or a stack of cushions stored inside from patio furniture. Finally heard her bark when a strange outside noise got her attention. She’s the best ever traveler and sometimes she wants to stay in the car rather than interrupt naps. For those who might care, her tongue splashes water when she drinks but she does not drool. After all the accolades, guess what, we’re happy to announce that we are adopting Annabelle! Everyone else has missed out on a fabulous companion.”