Annabelle - April, 2012

Annabelle found her fur-ever home with the Munoz Family. "Annabelle…

Annie - July, 2012

Annie found her fur-ever home with Lauren D.

Bailey - March, 2012

Bailey found her fur-ever home with the Starkweather F…

Banjo - August, 2012

Banjo found his fur-ever home with Patty K.

Beau - June, 2012

Beau found his fur-ever home with Ty & Kristen.

Bella - February, 2012

Bella found her fur-ever home with Kathy and Randy A.

Bella - June, 2012

Bella found her fur-ever home with the Harris Family.

Bender - March, 2012

Bender found his fur-ever home with Jenna B.

Bentley - September, 2012

Bentley found his fur-ever home with the Williams Fami…

Bernie - January, 2012

Bernie found his fur-ever home with Gail G.

Betty Lou - August, 2012

Betty Lou (fka Hoda) found her fur-ever home with the Smith…

Billie - May, 2012

Billie (fka Hailey) found her fur-ever home with the O'Connor…

Blossom - December, 2012

Blossom found her fur-ever home with the Hofstra Famil…

Bo - November, 2012

Bo found his fur-ever home with the Rogaski Family.

Bobby - February, 2012

Bobby found his fur-ever home with Tim and Judy F.

Bradley - May, 2012

Bradley found his fur-ever home with Dottie M.

Brandi - April, 2012

Brandi found her fur-ever home with the Wichman Fami…

Brianna - November, 2012

Brianna found her fur-ever home with the Martin Family…

Brighton - July, 2012

Brighton found her fur-ever home with Jennifer T.

Brighton - September, 2012

Brighton found her fur-ever home with Lisa S.

Brixton - April, 2012

Brixton found her fur-ever home with the Jones Family…

Buddy - April, 2012

Buddy (fka Balboa) found his fur-ever home with the Bents/Hope…

Buddy - February, 2012

Buddy found his fur-ever home with Belinda N. "Buddy…

Buffy - August, 2012

Buffy found her fur-ever home with Andrew P.

Bugsy - July, 2012

Bugsy found his fur-ever home with the Keeney Family.

Bullet - April, 2012

Bullet found his fur-ever home with Laurine S.

Bunny - March, 2012

Bunny found her fur-ever home with Erron E.

Burbon - March, 2012

Burbon found his fur-ever home with the Theroux Family…

Buster - December, 2012

Buster found his fur-ever home with the Novak Family.

Castro - June, 2012

Castro found his fur-ever home with Michele B.

Chloe - July, 2012

Chloe (fka Mercury) found her fur-ever home with the Drake…

Coco - October, 2012

Coco found her fur-ever home with M. and J. Rigley

Cole - September, 2012

Cole found his fur-ever home with the Mayer-Tuttle Fa…

Cotton Candy - June, 2012

Cotton Candy found her fur-ever home with Kimberly A.

Daisy - February, 2012

Daisy (fka Jade) found her fur-ever home with Sarah H. "August…

Dallas - June, 2012

Dallas found his fur-ever home with the Howell Family…

Darcy - May, 2012

Darcy found her fur-ever home with Jim and Shauna B.

Destiny - July, 2012

Destiny found her fur-ever home with the Randol Famil…

Dexter - January, 2012

Dexter found his fur-ever home with Julia K. & Sergio…

Dexter - November, 2012

Dexter found his fur-ever home with Brennagh T.! He is…