Marsha - June, 2012

Marsha found his fur-ever home with the Ferland Famil…

Maverick - April, 2012

Maverick found his fur-ever home with Jennifer S.

Melody - June, 2012

Melody found her fur-ever home with Joe & Monica A…

Mica - January, 2012

Mica found his fur-ever home with Jeni and Daniel J. …

Midori - March, 2012

Midori found her fur-ever home with the Reese Family.

Miley - February, 2012

Miley found her fur-ever home with Kayla & Taylor …

Milo - March, 2012

Milo found his fur-ever home with Matt & Leah T. "Milo…

Minnie - December, 2012

Minnie found her fur-ever home with Wanda O.

Missy - January, 2012

Missy found her fur-ever home with Stacey S.

Mocha - April, 2012

Mocha found her fur-ever home with the Vano Family.

Nick - April, 2012

Nick found his fur-ever home with the McCall Family.

Nikki - September, 2012

Nikki found her fur-ever home with the Mayer-Tuttle Fa…

Niquie - April, 2012

Niquie found her fur-ever home with David and Jeri.

Obi - July, 2012

Obi found his fur-ever home with the Levey Family.

Odie - December, 2012

Odie found his fur-ever home with Larry T.

Odin - January, 2012

Odin found his fur-ever home with the Venturini Fami…

Olive - February, 2012

Olive found her fur-ever home with Christina & Philip…

Oliver - April, 2012

Oliver found his fur-ever home with the Stagg Family.

Opal - February, 2012

Opal found her fur-ever home with Jeff D.

Ouzo - March, 2012

Ouzo found his fur-ever home with the Flowers Family.

Pearl - July, 2012

Pearl found her fur-ever home with the Reeve Family. …

Penny - June, 2012

Penny found her fur-ever home with Diane B.

Pinot - October, 2012

Pinot found her fur-ever home with Dianne & Jeff T.

Pluto - June, 2012

Pluto found his fur-ever home with the Smith Family.

Poppy - April, 2012

Poppy found her fur-ever home with Shelley C.

Princess - February, 2012

Princess found her fur-ever home with Angela & Keith…

Reese - April, 2012

Reese found her fur-ever home with Alicia M.

Reggie - August, 2012

Reggie found his fur-ever home with the Carrasco Fam…

Ringo - February, 2012

Ringo found his fur-ever home with Matt and Elizabeth. "Ringo…

Rio - December, 2012

Rio found his fur-ever home with Jennifer and Shane C. …

Robo - June, 2012

Robo found his fur-ever home with Suzanne & Rick T…

Rocky - June, 2012

Rocky found his fur-ever home with Anita N.

Rosco - February, 2012

Rosco found his fur-ever home with the Trowbridge Fam…

Rose - June, 2012

Rose found her fur-ever home with Zillah B.

Roxy - February, 2012

Roxy found her fur-ever home with Darek F.

Roxy - October, 2012

Roxy found her fur-ever home with the Horowitz Family.

Rubio - June, 2012

Rubio found his fur-ever home with Erin P.

Rudy - January, 2012

Rudy found his fur-ever home with Paul & Pam W.

Sammie - December, 2012

Sammie (fka Jolie) found her fur-ever home with Jackie C.…

Samson - August, 2012

Samson found his fur-ever home with Dr. Price. "Just…