Dude - July, 2012

Dude (fka Kono) found his fur-ever home with Lea &…

Duke - October, 2012

Duke found his fur-ever home with Mandy & Phil C.

Dutchess - July, 2012

Dutchess found her fur-ever home with Christy & R…

Ebby - August, 2012

Ebby found his fur-ever home with Cora M.

Emily - December, 2012

Emily found her fur-ever home with Michelle E.

Ender - October, 2012

Ender (fka Edison) found his fur-ever home with Kate N.…

Feona - March, 2012

Feona found her fur-ever home with Lea & David G. Dear…

Florence - July, 2012

Florence found her fur-ever home with Dan P.

Frangelica - April, 2012

Frangelica found her fur-ever home with the King Famil…

Frankie - July, 2012

Frankie (fka Abby) found her fur-ever home with Theo T…

Gavin - January, 2012

Gavin found his fur-ever home with Chris & Laine L…

Gavin - June, 2012

Gavin found his fur-ever home with the Hofstra Family…

Ginger - January, 2012

Ginger found her fur-ever home with Sherill and Anthony…

Hansel - June, 2012

Hansel found his fur-ever home with Julie & Todd …

Harrison - October, 2012

Harrison found his fur-ever home with the Riley Family…

Henry - March, 2012

Henry found his fur-ever home with Marissa and Dan H. Dear…

Holly - October, 2012

Holly found her fur-ever home with Sandra & Joel V…

Hooch - December, 2012

Hooch found his fur-ever home with Royce and Brenda D.…

Jackson - February, 2012

Jackson found his fur-ever home with Jennifer and Seth. "Jackson…

Jagermiester - June, 2012

Jagermiester found his fur-ever home with the Thesis F…

Jake - March, 2012

Jake found his fur-ever home with the Castillo Famil…

Jesse - October, 2012

Jesse found his fur-ever home with the Doyle Family.

JoJo - July, 2012

JoJo found her fur-ever home with Blaire H.

Kahlua - April, 2012

Kahlua found his fur-ever home with Erin T.

Kara - February, 2012

Kara found her fur-ever home with Shawnda S.

Kekoa - December, 2012

Kekoa found her fur-ever home with Christina H.

Kingsley - July, 2012

Kingsley found his fur-ever home with the Gatlin Fam…

Kira - January, 2012

Kira found her fur-ever home with Denise C.

Korbin - July, 2012

Korbin found his fur-ever home with Nancy.

Kye - September, 2012

Kye (fka Bailey) found his fur-ever home with Darlene &…

Layla - September, 2012

Layla found her fur-ever home in September.

Layla - September, 2012

Layla found her fur-ever home with the Stewart Family.

Lefty - January, 2012

Lefty found his fur-ever home with Will & Cindy W.

Levi - August, 2012

Levi (fka Bock) found his fur-ever home with Jeanette O…

Linc - January, 2012

Linc found his fur-ever home with the Bishop Family.…

Lou - May, 2012

Lou found his fur-ever home with the Harrington Fami…

Lucy - January, 2012

Lucy found her fur-ever home with Gary F.

Luke - March, 2012

Luke found his fur-ever home with the Mitchell Family…

Maddie - October, 2012

Maddie found her fur-ever home with Sandra V.

Makenna - June, 2012

Makenna found her fur-ever home with the Wood Family. "Our…