Jackson – February, 2012

Jackson found his fur-ever home with Jennifer and Seth.

“Jackson is such a good boy. Most of the time Seth is home with Jackson all day and they go on a few walks and at least one run a day. He is doing really good about not pulling and sitting before we cross the street. We just recently took him over to my brother’s house to meet their boxer and lab mix and they all had a fun day of playing in the backyard together. We have a dog walker on the days that Seth goes to work and she comes in halfway through the day and takes him on a nice walk. He is hilarious with his toys and is doing really good about bringing the toy back and dropping it so it can be thrown again. Sometimes he likes to play keep away but that doesn’t usually last too long.:-)

“I can’t believe we have only had him for little over a week now. It seems like he is already so much a part of the family!”

~ Jennifer and Seth