Betty Lou – August, 2012

Betty Lou (fka Hoda) found her fur-ever home with the Smith Family.

“Announcing a new addition to our family, Betty Lou Smith! We adopted Betty from the NorCal Boxer Rescue. Here are some photos you might enjoy. The first is Betty with her foster parents, Justin and Melissa. Justin is an absolutely amazing man who lovingly cared for Betty for four months while she put on some weight and recovered from a case of mange. Justin bathed her several times a week and gave her dips to cure the mange in addition to taking her to the vet’s a number of times. His hard work paid off, because Betty has one of the most beautiful coats I’ve ever seen on a boxer.

“The second and third photos are with us, but of course you knew that! The fourth and fifth photos were taken in our house – Betty’s new home. As you can see, Betty and Otto get along very well. Now if Otto could only pick up some of Betty’s good behavior!

“We are a happy foursome here and are thrilled to have Betty a part of our family.”