Buddy - February, 2014

Buddy found his fur-ever home with Kim, Joe and Dominic…

Buddy - January, 2010

Buddy found his fur-ever home with Louis & Deanna. "Buddy…

Buffy - August, 2012

Buffy found her fur-ever home with Andrew P.

Bugsy - July, 2012

Bugsy found his fur-ever home with the Keeney Family.

Bullet - April, 2012

Bullet found his fur-ever home with Laurine S.

Bunny - March, 2012

Bunny found her fur-ever home with Erron E.
Photo Not Available

Bunny - September, 2011

Bunny found her fur-ever home with Crystal D.

Burbon - March, 2012

Burbon found his fur-ever home with the Theroux Family…

Buster - December, 2011

Buster (fka Brady) found his fur-ever home with Toni and…

Buster - December, 2012

Buster found his fur-ever home with the Novak Family.

Buster - January, 2010

Buster found his fur-ever home with Karen & Neil.

Buzz - February, 2014

Buzz found his fur-ever home with John & Katie U.

Buzzy - March, 2011

Buzzy found his fur-ever home with Jenn S. & famil…

Calvin - September, 2014

Calvin found his fur-ever home with Lisa.

Camille - November, 2011

Camille found her fur-ever home with Stephen C.

Candy - July, 2010

Candy found her fur-ever home with Steve & Jenny B.

Canela - May, 2011

Canela (fka Nutmeg) found her fur-ever home with Rob. "She's…

Carly - February, 2011

Carly found her fur-ever home with Monica & Jesus …

Cash - August, 2010

Cash found his fur-ever home with Bob & Nicole C.

Casper - August, 2010

Casper found his fur-ever home with Kurt M. & Family. "Pearl…

Castro - June, 2012

Castro found his fur-ever home with Michele B.

Cayenne - September, 2010

Cayenne found her fur-ever home with Gayle K.

Charlie - August, 2011

Charlie found his fur-ever home with Matt and Jenn S.

Charlie - May, 2014

Charlie found his fur-ever home with Richard B.

Charlie - September, 2010

Charlie found his fur-ever home with Laila A.

Charlotte - July, 2010

Charlotte found her fur-ever home with Thomas J.

Chata - December, 2010

Chata found his fur-ever home with Tamara M.

Chato - November, 2011

Chato found his fur-ever home with the Hamilton Fami…

Cher - January, 2010

Cher found her fur-ever home with Debby S.

Chloe - July, 2012

Chloe (fka Mercury) found her fur-ever home with the Drake…

Chloe - May, 2014

Chloe found her fur-ever home with J.M.

Cindy - May, 2011

Cindy found her fur-ever home with Bev C.

Cissie - March, 2010

Cissie found her fur-ever home with Donna J.

Clementine - March, 2014

Clementine found her fur-ever home with K. Bloom.

Cleo - May, 2010

Cleo found her fur-ever home with Scotty S.

Clive - August, 2010

Clive found his fur-ever home with Art C. & Family. "We…

Cloud - February, 2011

Cloud found her fur-ever home with Richard & Luree…

Coco - March, 2010

Coco found her fur-ever home with Heather S.

Coco - October, 2012

Coco found her fur-ever home with M. and J. Rigley

Codi - October, 2011

Codi (fka Chip) found his fur-ever home with Greg &…