Canela – May, 2011

Canela (fka Nutmeg) found her fur-ever home with Rob.

“She’s doing awesome. She has been timid but gaining confidence quickly. She’s still afraid of being left alone when I go to the garage but she’s quickly becoming best pals with Thor and Sugar. They’ve had no issues so far and we’ve gone on two 2.5 mile walks already, and she’s even taken the lead after a few minutes. She’s rapidly losing that baby fat and already looks trimmer than yesterday, which is also what Jean said yesterday so we’re making great progress without sacrificing food. She’s not interesting in eating if there are more interesting things to do.

I stopped by my Vet to introduce her and pick up some flea medication for her and I’m just waiting on her microchip info to register her with home-again. Once I let them loose at the parks Sugar and Canela play as if they’ve known eachother forever without any signs of aggression. It’s only when we get home and Sugar settles in that she’s a little difficult. She’s not aggressive, so much as defensive since Canela is curious and wants to snuggle up by her and Sugar is past the age of being interested in cuddling. Thor has been napping with her between walks and playtime and in a few minutes we will have lunch.

I’m trying to learn her feeding schedule and I inquired from Jean, (and she replied). Looks like “Canela” likes moist food so far, so I’m introducing her to dry food little by little over the next few weeks.

I can’t tell you how happy we are to have her be a part of our family. Thank you so much for being patient with us in selecting her, she’s at her forever home here.”