Abby - August, 2011

Abby found her fur-ever home with Richard B.

Ace - February, 2011

Ace found his fur-ever home with Justin F.

Addie - January, 2011

Addie found her fur-ever home with Sheila T.

Alta - May, 2011

Alta found her fur-ever home with Rich & Mary.

Ani - July, 2011

Ani found her fur-ever home with James M.

Annabelle - April, 2011

Annabelle found her fur-ever home with Kerry & Jaime…

Audrey - January, 2011

Audrey (fka Reese) found her fur-ever home with Tom &…

Babe - February, 2011

Babe found her fur-ever home with Joey M. & Dovie …

Baylee - February, 2011

Baylee (fka Patti) found her fur-ever home with Teresa…

Becker - September, 2011

Becker found his fur-ever home with Jeff, Carol and Hannah…

Bella & Mugsy - February, 2011

Bella & Mugsy found their fur-ever home with Doug …

Ben - September, 2011

Ben found his fur-ever home with Nancy B.

Benny - June, 2011

Benny found his fur-ever home with Marty & Sara G.

Betsy - February, 2011

Betsy found her fur-ever home with Rick & Amy S.

Bindi - August, 2011

Bindi found her fur-ever home with Edie D. "I just wanted…

Blade - March, 2011

Blade found his fur-ever home with Dan R.

Bo - October, 2011

Bo found his fur-ever home with Bruce M. "Hi, just…

Booker - December, 2011

Booker found his fur-ever home with Karen K. & Tim …

Boomer - December, 2011

Boomer found his fur-ever home with Joseph S.

Brady - November, 2011

Brady found his fur-ever home with the Falconer Famil…

Brix - September, 2011

Brix found his fur-ever home with Chuck & Nora K.

Brock - April, 2011

Brock found his fur-ever home with Scott & Alison K. "We…

Brock - June, 2011

Brock found his fur-ever home with Christy G. & Ryan…

Broderick - October, 2011

Broderick found his fur-ever home with David O.

Brodie - September, 2011

Brodie found his fur-ever home with Jill & Dave E.

Buddy - April, 2011

Buddy found his fur-ever home in April.   &…
Photo Not Available

Bunny - September, 2011

Bunny found her fur-ever home with Crystal D.

Buster - December, 2011

Buster (fka Brady) found his fur-ever home with Toni and…

Buzzy - March, 2011

Buzzy found his fur-ever home with Jenn S. & famil…

Camille - November, 2011

Camille found her fur-ever home with Stephen C.

Canela - May, 2011

Canela (fka Nutmeg) found her fur-ever home with Rob. "She's…

Carly - February, 2011

Carly found her fur-ever home with Monica & Jesus …

Charlie - August, 2011

Charlie found his fur-ever home with Matt and Jenn S.

Chato - November, 2011

Chato found his fur-ever home with the Hamilton Fami…

Cindy - May, 2011

Cindy found her fur-ever home with Bev C.

Cloud - February, 2011

Cloud found her fur-ever home with Richard & Luree…

Codi - October, 2011

Codi (fka Chip) found his fur-ever home with Greg &…

Cooper - April, 2011

Cooper found his fur-ever home with Jamie & Mark V. 7…

Cooper - October, 2011

Cooper (fka Dale) found his fur-ever home with Robin M. "Cooper…

Cosmo - May, 2011

Cosmo found his fur-ever home with Kurtis, Aimee &…