Rocky - September, 2011

Rocky found his fur-ever home with Hollie. "Our whole…

Rocky II - August, 2011

Rocky II found his fur-ever home with Greg W.

Rocky II - November, 2011

Rocky II found his fur-ever home with the Fink Family…

Roxy - February, 2011

Roxy found her fur-ever home with Jeff Y.

Roxy - March, 2011

Roxy found her fur-ever home in March.
Photo Not Available

Ruby - November, 2011

Ruby found her fur-ever home with Cassie and Tim F. …

Sable - July, 2011

Sable found her fur-ever home with Matthew S. and Heidi…

Sassy - July, 2011

Sassy found her fur-ever home with Jen M. "We brought…

Scout - October, 2011

Scout found his fur-ever home with Luree J.

Sebastian - September, 2011

Sebastian found his fur-ever home with Steve B.

Sheena - September, 2011

Sheena found her fur-ever home with Mick & Beth …

Spud - August, 2011

Spud found his fur-ever home with Jessica B.

Sydney - May, 2011

Sydney found her fur-ever home with Rhonda C. "Just…

Theodore - December, 2011

Theodore (fka Elbin) found his fur-ever home with Sandra…

Tilly - August, 2011

Tilly found her fur-ever home with Ronnie & Fred C. "Thought…

Titan - April, 2011

Titan found his fur-ever home with Don & Roseann R. "It's…

Toby - August, 2011

Toby found his fur-ever home with Tom & Aimee H. "Toby…

Tonka - March, 2011

Tonka found his fur-ever home with Erik & Victoria…

Trinity - January, 2011

Trinity (fka Snowball) found her fur-ever home with Rob…

Turtle - April, 2011

Turtle found his fur-ever home with James & Lory …

Willow - November, 2011

Willow found her fur-ever home with Jenny & Will and…

Winston - May, 2011

Winston found his fur-ever home with Keith B.

Yankee - August, 2011

Yankee found his fur-ever home with Janet C.

Zoey - August, 2011

Zoey found her fur-ever home with Amy H.