Kalli - November, 2011

Kalli found her fur-ever home with Lewis H.

Kika - July, 2011

Kika found her fur-ever home with Bud & Harriet S…

Kojo - June, 2011

Kojo found his fur-ever home in June.

Lex - May, 2011

Lex found his fur-ever home with George L.

Libby - November, 2011

Libby found her fur-ever home with Lisa S.  

Louie - June, 2011

Louie found his fur-ever home with Carrie & Matt …

Lucky - November, 2011

Lucky found his fur-ever home with Jack & Nicole S…

Lucy - April, 2011

Lucy found her fur-ever home with Christina E.

Lucy - March, 2011

Lucy found her fur-ever home with Jonathan & Amy …

Maddox - February, 2011

Maddox found her fur-ever home with Christine & Jeff…

Mae - April, 2011

Mae found her fur-ever home with Heidi M.

Maggie - January, 2011

Maggie found her fur-ever home with Carly D.

Maude - May, 2011

Maude found her fur-ever home in May.

Maverick - January, 2011

Maverick found his fur-ever home with Chuck & Nora…

Max - May, 2011

Max found his fur-ever home with Teri C.

Max - October, 2011

Max found his fur-ever home with Donna S.

Max II - August, 2011

Max II found his fur-ever home with Kristine P. "It…

Mocha - October, 2011

Mocha found her fur-ever home with Cathy & David L. "Took…

Mollie - April, 2011

Mollie found her fur-ever home in Janet S.   …

Molly - August, 2011

Molly found her fur-ever home with Dan & Nicole W…

Molly & Brutis - January, 2011

Molly & Brutis found their fur-ever home with Bill…

Monte - April, 2011

Monte found his fur-ever home with Ross & Betsy J…

Moon - September, 2011

Moon found her fur-ever home with Julia K.

Nicky - September, 2011

Nicky found his fur-ever home with Tania T.

Odie - December, 2011

Odie found his fur-ever home in December.  

Olive - August, 2011

Olive found her fur-ever home with James C. & Lara…

Onyx - December, 2011

Onyx found his fur-ever home with the Matheney Family. …

Parker - August, 2011

Parker found his fur-ever home with Stephen G.

Paxton - May, 2011

Paxton found his fur-ever home with Sharla R.

Peaches - February, 2011

Peaches found her fur-ever home with Joy B. "I wanted…

Pearl - June, 2011

Pearl found her fur-ever home in June.

Penny - August, 2011

Penny found her fur-ever home with David & Kristy…

Piper - August, 2011

Piper found her fur-ever home with David R.

Pippi - September, 2011

Pippi found her fur-ever home with Sandra V.

Pixie - March, 2011

Pixie found her fur-ever home with DJ & Donna. "Just…

Precious - August, 2011

Precious found her fur-ever home with Paul, Sharon &…

Puppy - October, 2011

Puppy found his fur-ever home in October.

Quinn - March, 2011

Quinn (aka Quimby) found his fur-ever home with Rhonda…

Remy - November, 2011

Remy found his fur-ever home with Charles S.

Rocky - February, 2011

Rocky found his fur-ever home with Johnny B.