Precious – August, 2011

Precious found her fur-ever home with Paul, Sharon & Kelly.

“Just a quick update to let you know how things are going. WONDERFUL, is all I can say. She did great this week. Only mishap, Kelsey didn’t close the laundry room door all the way before leaving for school. Every shoe was in the living room. Nothing chewed just looked like she was having a great time tossing them around and such. Picked up a couple new toys for her to help out. Still not one accident!. She’s still jumpy walking the neighborhood but over time the familiarity will kick in and it won’t be so scary for her. We’re very lucky in the fact that most of our neighbors are dog lovers, so when we’re out everyone takes a few minutes to let her check them out, check out their yard, etc. Hoping to start dog training classes this week. I want to make sure she gets her dog fix.”