Sydney – May, 2011

Sydney found her fur-ever home with Rhonda C.

“Just wanted to give you an update on Sydney. As you can see, she and Quinn have taken over my couch. Don’t know if you can see Quinn’s fresh surgical scars, but when we took him in for stitch removal we took Syd with us. We wanted to introduce her to our vet and have him do a quick evaluation. He listened to her breathing, checked and felt all around her (no x-rays, just a quick exam) and his opinion was that she likely had only weeks left. He didn’t believe she was in pain, she just exhausts very easily so we try to keep her energy on even keel. We are letting her eat just about anyrhing she’s willing to eat and just let her be. She loves a morning sunbath, jumping on our bed before her own bedtime and squeezing in on Quinn’s space. He tolerates her pretty well as you can see. She also responds excitedly to the word “gopher” as in gopher walk, gopher ride, gopher side, etc. So, in short, she’s had an intro to our vet and his staff and we’ll take care of it when the time comes. But for now she’s doing pretty well and seems happy enough. She is happy, I think, and this is, in a sense, her forever home.”