Tilly – August, 2011

Tilly found her fur-ever home with Ronnie & Fred C.

“Thought you might like an update… Tilly is settling in quite nicely!…her and Willie have been playing steadily… even Monster and her and have been doing nose licks :-)… She hasn’t gone to her crate once !… If she wants to sleep.. it is in the middle of the family room on one of the BIG dog beds and she has already claimed most of the toys as her own. She slept with us and Willie on the bed last night… and seems rather fond of ear and belly scratches… Her appetite is good … and is having fun exploring the yard! I’ve enclosed a pic and will update you some more as we go along… Oh, BTW… the car trip went VERY smoothly… she is such a little angel!
Thank you and everyone at NorCal for the help!”

~ Ronnie