Trinity – January, 2011

Trinity (fka Snowball) found her fur-ever home with Rob S.

“Just wanted to drop you a note to say that Trinity seems to be getting adjusted to her new routine much better than I expected — I’m quite ecstatic, frankly. We’re still figuring each other out, but there’s considerable progress.

It was pretty rough going there for a few days, but she’s doing really well while I’m at work and she’s in her kennel. I’ve been doing audio recordings while I’m out during the day, and aside from a short 5 minute burst of barking on Monday, she’s absolutely silent (presumably sleeping) until her dog walker comes, and once she returns 3 hours later. She is *loving* her time out with the dog walker and continues to make friends with the dogs in her group (though both the younger and older ones are being challenged to keep up with her energy level!). (It’s amusing and sweet — I was playing back the recordings the other day, and Trin got extremely excited when she heard the voice of her dog walker over the speakers.)
She’s now getting at least 3 hours or more of walks a day including the times that she and I go out. I’m sure she’d love more if she had her way!

I’m taking her to Napa this weekend to meet my brother’s pack so she should get lots of socializing and playtime (and even some time to run in a back yard) then, too.”