Elijah - November, 2011

Elijah found his fur-ever home with Sean S. & family. "Elijah…

Ellie - August, 2010

Ellie found her fur-ever home with Dellan & Claudia…

Ellie - January, 2011

Ellie found her fur-ever home with Brian & Heather…

Ellie - October, 2010

Ellie found her fur-ever home with Cris P. & Kaylene…

Elvis - June, 2014

Elvis found his fur-ever home with Scott T.

Emile - November, 2011

Emile (fka Allistar) found his fur-ever home with the…

Emily - December, 2012

Emily found her fur-ever home with Michelle E.

Emma - February, 2014

Emma found her fur-ever home with Lisa & Phil M.

Ender - October, 2012

Ender (fka Edison) found his fur-ever home with Kate N.…

Escobar - November, 2010

Escobar found his fur-ever home with Sara R.

Fallon - April, 2014

Fallon found her fur-ever home with Lisa F.

Feona - March, 2012

Feona found her fur-ever home with Lea & David G. Dear…

Finn - May, 2011

Finn found his fur-ever home with Dave & Kelly W.

Fiona - February, 2010

Fiona found her fur-ever home with Marylin.

Fiona - March, 2011

Fiona found her fur-ever home with Donald & Mary B…

Florence - July, 2012

Florence found her fur-ever home with Dan P.

Frangelica - April, 2012

Frangelica found her fur-ever home with the King Famil…

Frankie - July, 2010

Frankie found his fur-ever home with his foster mom, Michelle…

Frankie - July, 2012

Frankie (fka Abby) found her fur-ever home with Theo T…

Frankie - September, 2010

Frankie (fka Adrian) found his fur-ever home with Dirk V.…

Frannie - February, 2010

Frannie found her fur-ever home with Seyla.

Freddie - January, 2014

Freddie found his fur-ever home with Janet L. "Picked…

Gavin - January, 2012

Gavin found his fur-ever home with Chris & Laine L…

Gavin - June, 2012

Gavin found his fur-ever home with the Hofstra Family…

Georgie - January, 2010

Georgie found her fur-ever home with Dianne & Raymo…

Gidget - October, 2011

Gidget found her fur-ever home with K. Thomas.

Ginger - December, 2010

Ginger found her fur-ever home with Ian B.

Ginger - January, 2012

Ginger found her fur-ever home with Sherill and Anthony…

Ginger - September, 2011

Ginger found her fur-ever home with Lori & Phil L…

Gino - July, 2010

Gino found his fur-ever home with Pam S.

Gizmo - December, 2010

Gizmo found his fur-ever home with John S. "I don't…

Grace - January, 2014

Grace found her fur-ever home with Beverly C. "Grace…

Grace - November, 2010

Grace found her fur-ever home with Nancy W.

Gracelynn - May, 2015

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be Gracelynn’s…

Gracie - January, 2011

Gracie found her fur-ever home with Ned & Lisa.

Graham - October, 2010

Graham found his fur-ever home with Catherine P.

Greta - August, 2015

Greta found her fur-ever home with Bernie and Lonna W. who…

Greta - January, 2011

Greta found her fur-ever home with Sharon H.

Gunner - October, 2014

Gunner found his fur-ever home with Scott P.

Gunther - June, 2011

Gunther found his fur-ever home with Marty & Sara…