Greta – August, 2015

Greta found her fur-ever home with Bernie and Lonna W. who say she is a very sweet dog.

One Year Update

“Greta is thriving in her new home here at Rossmoor. She is a big hit with the Wolf family and everyone who meets her. She is the most loving dog ever; she just lives to be petted and wags her un-docked tail like crazy when she is happy. Only problem is long stem wine glasses on a low table. We learned that Greta’s tail can be lethal to those wine glasses so we take precautions. Since we don’t have a yard of our own Greta gets lots of walks all around Rossmoor (Walnut Creek, CA). She has a few dog friends and we walk Monday mornings on the golf course here since that’s the only day it’s open to non-golfers. She has thrived physically, except for a little limp if she walks too long of a distance. That usually resolves with a little rest. She is a true love and we are so glad to have her in our family. A Big thanks goes to NCBR for sharing Greta with us.”

~ Bernie & Lonna