Jeter - November, 2011

Jeter found his fur-ever home with Jeri F.

Jewel - July, 2011

Jewel found her fur-ever home with Lewis B.

Jewel - June, 2014

Jewel found her fur-ever home with Lisa B.

Jobe - May, 2010

Jobe found his fur-ever home with Brian L.

Joey - January, 2011

Joey found his fur-ever home with Don R.

Joey - June, 2010

Joey (fka Parsley) found his fur-ever home with Ben &…

JoJo - July, 2012

JoJo found her fur-ever home with Blaire H.

Jolene - May, 2010

Jolene found her fur-ever home with John T.

Joon - September, 2011

Joon found her fur-ever home with Helen & John L.

Joy - December, 2010

Joy found her fur-ever home with Barbara H. "Joy is…

Judge - September, 2010

Judge found his fur-ever home with Angela & Don S.

Junior - August, 2010

Junior found his fur-ever home with Joan S.

Kahlua - April, 2012

Kahlua found his fur-ever home with Erin T.

Kalli - November, 2011

Kalli found her fur-ever home with Lewis H.

Kara - February, 2012

Kara found her fur-ever home with Shawnda S.

Kayla - July, 2010

Kayla found her fur-ever home with Kevin C. "We couldn't…

Keeper - October, 2010

Keeper found his fur-ever home with Nick T.

Kekoa - December, 2012

Kekoa found her fur-ever home with Christina H.

Kika - July, 2011

Kika found her fur-ever home with Bud & Harriet S…

Kingsley - July, 2012

Kingsley found his fur-ever home with the Gatlin Fam…

Kira - January, 2012

Kira found her fur-ever home with Denise C.

Kirby - September, 2010

Kirby found his fur-ever home with Jean Z.

Koby - February, 2014

Koby found his fur-ever home with Jane E.

Koda - November, 2010

Koda found his fur-ever home with Cora M. & Famil…

Kojo - June, 2011

Kojo found his fur-ever home in June.

Korbin - July, 2012

Korbin found his fur-ever home with Nancy.

Kye - September, 2012

Kye (fka Bailey) found his fur-ever home with Darlene &…

Ladi - October, 2010

Ladi found her fur-ever home with Phil M. "She did great…

Layla - September, 2012

Layla found her fur-ever home in September.

Layla - September, 2012

Layla found her fur-ever home with the Stewart Family.

Lefty - January, 2012

Lefty found his fur-ever home with Will & Cindy W.

Leo - August, 2010

Leo found his fur-ever home with Frank T.

Leroy - August, 2015

Leroy found his fur-ever home with Cathy E.

Leroy - January, 2010

Leroy found his fur-ever home with Elizabeth A.

Levi - August, 2012

Levi (fka Bock) found his fur-ever home with Jeanette O…

Lex - May, 2011

Lex found his fur-ever home with George L.

Lexi - August, 2014

Lexi found her fur-ever home with Belinda N. One Year Update: "She…

Lexi - November, 2010

Lexi found her fur-ever home with Lucy W.

Libby - November, 2011

Libby found her fur-ever home with Lisa S.  

Liberty - April, 2010

Liberty found her fur-ever home with Jennifer G.