Lilly - August, 2010

Lilly found her fur-ever home with Richard & Michelle…

Lilly - November, 2010

Lilly found her fur-ever home with Matt Z.

Linc - January, 2012

Linc found his fur-ever home with the Bishop Family.…

Linq - September, 2010

Linq found his fur-ever home with Erica S.

Lola - August, 2010

Lola found her fur-ever home with Frank & Margaret…

Lola - September, 2014

Lola found her fur-ever home with Cynthia S. I cannot…

London - May, 2014

London found her fur-ever home with Devon.

Lou - February, 2014

Lou found his fur-ever home with Sharon B.

Lou - May, 2012

Lou found his fur-ever home with the Harrington Fami…

Louie - June, 2011

Louie found his fur-ever home with Carrie & Matt …

Louie - September, 2010

Louie found his fur-ever home with Gregg & Bruce.

Lucie - March, 2014

Lucie found her fur-ever home with David G.

Lucky - April, 2014

Lucky (fka Loki) found his fur-ever home with Irene G. "As…

Lucky - November, 2011

Lucky found his fur-ever home with Jack & Nicole S…

Lucy - April, 2011

Lucy found her fur-ever home with Christina E.

Lucy - January, 2012

Lucy found her fur-ever home with Gary F.

Lucy - March, 2011

Lucy found her fur-ever home with Jonathan & Amy …

Ludo - June, 2010

Ludo found his fur-ever home with Peter K.

Lui - August, 2015

Lui found his fur-ever home with Marta.

Luke - March, 2012

Luke found his fur-ever home with the Mitchell Family…

Mace - October, 2010

Mace found his fur-ever home with Ryan E. & Famil…

Maddie - October, 2012

Maddie found her fur-ever home with Sandra V.

Maddie - September, 2010

Maddie found her fur-ever home with Angela & Don S…

Maddox - February, 2011

Maddox found her fur-ever home with Christine & Jeff…

Mae - April, 2011

Mae found her fur-ever home with Heidi M.

Maggie - January, 2011

Maggie found her fur-ever home with Carly D.

Makenna - June, 2012

Makenna found her fur-ever home with the Wood Family. "Our…

Makoa - January, 2014

Makoa found his fur-ever home with Glenn & Susan K.…

Mariah - December, 2010

Mariah found her fur-ever home with Sheila P.

Marley - February, 2014

Marley found his fur-ever home with B. Clark.

Marley - October, 2010

Marley found his fur-ever home with Kim M.

Marlon - December, 2010

Marlon found his fur-ever home with Barbara & Paul.

Marsha - June, 2012

Marsha found his fur-ever home with the Ferland Famil…

Marshall - July, 2010

Marshall found his fur-ever home with Justine & Ric…

Maude - May, 2011

Maude found her fur-ever home in May.

Maverick - April, 2012

Maverick found his fur-ever home with Jennifer S.

Maverick - January, 2011

Maverick found his fur-ever home with Chuck & Nora…

Max - April, 2010

Max found his fur-ever home with Todd & Marie S. &a…

Max - May, 2010

Max found his fur-ever home with Jon A. & Family.

Max - May, 2011

Max found his fur-ever home with Teri C.