Gus - July, 2011

Gus found his fur-ever home with Rick & Teressa F. One…

Hammer - October, 2010

Hammer found his fur-ever home with Cynthia P.

Hans - May, 2010

Hans found his fur-ever home with Susan N.

Hansel - February, 2010

Hansel found his fur-ever home with Jeff Y.

Hansel - June, 2012

Hansel found his fur-ever home with Julie & Todd …

Harley - January, 2011

Harley found his fur-ever home with Sharon K.

Harley - June, 2010

Harley (fka Gordie) found his fur-ever home with Adam. Update…

Harrison - October, 2012

Harrison found his fur-ever home with the Riley Family…

Harvey - October, 2010

Harvey found his fur-ever home with Andrea P.

Heath - January, 2011

Heath found his fur-ever home with Ken & Carrie.

Heidi - November, 2011

Heidi found her fur-ever home with Todd S. & Famil…

Hennessy - November, 2010

Hennessy found his fur-ever home with Gary & Jan B.

Henry - March, 2012

Henry found his fur-ever home with Marissa and Dan H. Dear…

Hobbes - October, 2014

Hobbes found his fur-ever home with Debbie M.

Holly - October, 2012

Holly found her fur-ever home with Sandra & Joel V…

Hooch - December, 2012

Hooch found his fur-ever home with Royce and Brenda D.…

Hope - March, 2010

Hope found her fur-ever home in March.

Howie - January, 2010

Howie found his fur-ever home with Kingston & Aisha…

Huck - February, 2010

Huck found his fur-ever home with Robert D.

Hunter - April, 2010

Hunter found his fur-ever home with Renee S.

Icie - October, 2010

Icie found her fur-ever home with Christy M. & Family. "Icie…

Ike - April, 2010

Ike found his fur-ever home with Karen T.

Indigo - May, 2011

Indigo found his fur-ever home with Julie T.

Izzy - January, 2011

Izzy (fka Kit) found her fur-ever home with Brian &…

Jack - December, 2011

Jack found his fur-ever home with Ted & Karen H.

Jack - June, 2011

Jack found his fur-ever home with Phaedra & John G.…

Jackson - February, 2012

Jackson found his fur-ever home with Jennifer and Seth. "Jackson…

Jade - May, 2010

Jade found her fur-ever home with Jamison L.

Jagermiester - June, 2012

Jagermiester found his fur-ever home with the Thesis F…

Jagger - November, 2010

Jagger found his fur-ever home with Christina J.

Jake - June, 2011

Jake (fka Thor) found his fur-ever home with Vicky R. "We…

Jake - March, 2012

Jake found his fur-ever home with the Castillo Famil…

Jasper - April, 2011

Jasper (fka Kern) found his fur-ever home with Mark &…

Jasper - June, 2010

Jasper found his fur-ever home with Kara S.

Jax - March, 2011

Jax found his fur-ever home with Laura B. & Scott…

Jemma - August, 2010

Jemma found her fur-ever home with John L.

Jenni - April, 2011

Jenni found her fur-ever home with Taryn A.  

Jesse - October, 2012

Jesse found his fur-ever home with the Doyle Family.

Jessi - April, 2011

Jessi found her fur-ever home with Kelly & Josh M…
Photo Not Available

Jeter - November, 2010

Jeter found his fur-ever home with Jeri F.