Jake – June, 2011

Jake (fka Thor) found his fur-ever home with Vicky R.

“We had our first session earlier this week – the trainer evaluated him and said he’s is a really smart dog. He feels we can start with intermediate to advanced training. In the short time he has been with me he is responding to his new name, Jake, and is doing well with down and stay. He comes when called, generally stops with “no”. Has responded immediately to ‘drop it’ several times and he walks peacefully on leash — both loose and heel. This evening he picked up “leave it” in three attempts. I really think he had some training in the past.

Best of all, he and Carly are best buddies… They get along so well. My vet said he was in really good shape. There hasn’t been a second I’ve thought twice about my decision to bring him home … he is a fun, loving, sweet dog  and I feel like the stars really aligned on this match.”