Her playful, but warm, sense of humor. Her refusal to take herself too seriously. Her perennially youthful spirit. The feeling that, no matter her age, she would always be there for us.

These are some of the qualities that endeared Betty White to us. They are the same qualities that endear boxers to us. While it may seem impertinent to compare Betty White to a dog, we think it’s a comparison that would please her.

Betty White claimed to have loved animals since she was “in the womb,” and dedicated as much of her beautifully long life to advancing their wellbeing as she did to entertaining us in our living rooms.

This coming Monday would have been Betty White’s 100th birthday. While her birthday bash will not be televised as originally planned, the invitation to celebrate Betty still stands.

The #BettyWhiteChallenge is an invitation to celebrate everything Betty did and gave to improve our lives and the lives of animals by making a birthday gift to the animals she loved so much.

Thank you for being a friend of NCBR and celebrating Betty’s 100th Birthday with us!

In honor of Betty, binge some Golden Girls, eat a whole cheesecake, find The Proposal on TV (it’s always on somewhere!), and make a gift that would make Betty smile.

Happy 100th birthday, Betty! We wish you were here, but your humor, love, and passion for animals lives on!

NorCal Boxer Rescue
Karen Heald, Executive Director

  • $25 can provide some vaccines or one night of boarding for one dog.
  • $50 can provide one quality bag of dog food.
  • $75 can provide all vaccinations for one dog.
  • $100 can provide heartworm, fecal and giardia testing for one dog.
  • $150 can provide neuter surgery for one male dog.
  • $200 can provide spay surgery for one female dog.
  • $350 can provide heartworm treatment for an infected dog.

No amount is too great or too small to help a boxer in need.

Thank you for supporting NCBR and joining the #BettyWhiteChallenge!